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Why Kids Love (and Hate) School

Reflections on Difference

Steven P. Jones (editor) Eric C. Sheffield (editor)
Laura Ruth Johnson (foreword by)

ISBN: 9781975500672

Publication Date: Apr 2018

Format: Paperback

Also available as: Hardback   Hardback  

Presents theoretical discussions, personal reflections, research reports, and policy suggestions sourced in the experiences of the most vulnerable students with an eye to making schools places all students might love. The essays explore these issues from the perspectives of poverty, gender, race, ethnicity, language, and religion among others.

Temporarily out of stock: usually despatched in 10-14 days

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This collection consists of theoretical discussions, personal reflections, research reports, and policy suggestions sourced in the experiences of our most vulnerable students with an eye to making schools places all students might love rather than hate. The essays take up these issues from the perspectives of poverty, gender, race, ethnicity, ability, language, and religion among others.

These essays also provide practical advice for teachers and administrators–both practicing and pre-service–for making classrooms and schools spaces that would encourage our students to say, "I love school."  

Perfect for courses in: Introduction to Education,General Methods, Social Foundations of Education, Diversity, Management/Assessment,Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Research,Educational Administration/Leadership, Teacher Leadership, Curriculum Theory, and Curriculum Development.

Pages 224
Dimensions 229 x 152
Date Published 30 Apr 2018
Publisher Myers Education Press
Series Academy for Educational Studies
Subject/s Education   Higher & further education, tertiary education  
  • Foreword by Laura Ruth Johnson
  • Introduction: Why Kids Love (and Hate) School: Reflections on Difference by Steven P. Jones & Eric C. Sheffield
  • "Everybody's Listening": When Learning Is Relevant by Jesse Moya
  • We Really Hated School: The Journey of Two Black PhDs From Alienation to Transformation by De'Andre Shepard & Kalvin DaRonne Harvell
  • Meeting the Needs of Muslim Learners in an Islamophobic Era by Parisa Meymand
  • Classes Where "Kids Learn/Don't Learn a Lot": A Study of Mexican American Adolescents' Voices by Janine Bempechat, Margarita Jimenez-Silva, Jin Li, & Susan D. Holloway
  • The Power of Schools to Redirect Pathways: Supporting Students' Love of Learning Across Time and Place by Eréndira Rueda
  • Under the School Roof, Inside Classroom Walls: The Power of Place-Based Plot Patterns to Shape School Stories of Happiness or Humiliation for Students by Kathy Carter, Amanda Sugimoto, Kathleen Stoehr, & Griff Carter
  • Kids Love a Classroom for Everyone by Rob Schulze
  • Forgotten Learners: Academically Strong Kids in Struggling Schools by Jeanne Carey Ingle
  • Chain Link Poetry by Robin Brandehoff
  • Alternative Education Programs: Changing Our Vantage Point by Lynn Hemmer & Michael Watson
  • Listening to the Voices of Our Students: A Framework for Engagement in Science by Rachelle A. Haroldson
  • Restorative Practices: Beyond Sensitization to Building Skills and Organizational Change by Robert C. Chalwell Jr.
  • Contributors
Steven P. Jones is a professor in the College of Education at Missouri State University and Executive Director of the Academy for Educational Studies. He is author of Blame Teachers: The Emotional Reasons for Educational Reform–a book that investigates how and why so many people try to justify educational change by deriding the efforts and effectiveness of our public school teachers. A former high school English teacher in Jefferson County, Colorado, Jones received his B.A. in English from the University of Denver, his MA in Educational Administration from the University of Colorado (Boulder), and his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Chicago.

Eric C. Sheffield is Professor and Department Chair of Educational Studies at Western Illinois University in Macomb. He is also founding editor of the Academy for Educational Studies' peer reviewed journal, Critical Questions in Education. A former English teacher in Putnam County Florida, Sheffield received his B.A. in Philosophy from Illinois College, and his M.Ed & Ph.D from the University of Florida.

Laura Ruth Johnson is an Associate Professor in the College of Education at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL. She teaches classes in qualitative research methods, including courses in ethnographic research, interview methods, and community-based and participatory action research. Her research focuses on civic/community engagement among Latinx and African American youth, with a focus on young parents and the development of advocacy efforts in the area of reproductive justice. In her research, she collaborates with various programs and initiatives serving youth in Chicago to develop mentorship programs and educational services; she also works with a young parent participatory action research team to conduct and disseminate research focusing on young parents' experiences and perspectives. Her recently published book, Community-based Qualitative Research: Approaches for Education and the Social Sciences (Sage Publications), includes insights gained from a graduate-level research course she regularly teaches in the Humboldt Park community of Chicago.

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