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Spacecraft Mission Design

Second Edition

Charles D. Brown (author)

ISBN: 9781563472626

Publication Date: Aug 1998

Format: Mixed media product

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The 2nd edition of Spacecraft Mission Design takes a short route to practical understanding of mission design. It focuses on the most general and most practical tools needed for the early spacecraft design studies, including the principles of two-body motion, definition of orbits, orbital manoeuvres and central body observation. The use of elementary mathematics makes this concise book ideal for college upperclassmen, graduates and practising engineers or managers. There are enough worked examples that one can be self-taught. This 2nd edition includes astronomical reference material, sections on constellations, lunar trajectories, and cycler orbits. In addition, the ORBWIN AIAA Mission Design software has been totally rewritten to make it easier to use and compatible with Windows. ORBWIN allows you to proceed directly from understanding into professional work. It provides the accuracy, speed and convenience of personal computing.It defines orbital elements for any orbit, provides the parameters at any orbital point, calculates spacecraft horizon, instrument field of view, orbit perturbations, ground track, planetary ephemeris, conversion of Julian days, oblique triangle solutions, and propellant weight projections.
Illustrations Illustrations
Pages 210
Dimensions 230 x mm
Date Published 30 Aug 1998
Publisher American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Subject/s Aerospace & aviation technology   Applied mathematics   Astronautics   Astrophysics  
  • Part 1 Introduction: Arrangement of the Book
  • ORBWIN - AIAA Mission Design Software
  • Study of Two-Body Motion. Part 2 Two-Body Motion: Circular Orbits
  • General Solution
  • Elliptical Orbits
  • Parabolic Orbits
  • Hyperbolic Orbits
  • Time Systems: Coordinate Systems
  • Classical Orbital Elements
  • Problems. Part 3 Orbital Manoeuvres: In-Plane Orbit Changes
  • Hohmann Transfer
  • Bielliptical Transfer
  • Plane Changes
  • Combined Manoeuvres
  • Propulsion for Manoeuvres
  • Problems. Part 4 Observing the Central Body: Effect of the Launch Site
  • Orbit Perturbations
  • Ground Track
  • Spacecraft Horizon
  • Constellations
  • Problems. Part 5 Special Earth Orbits: Geosynchronous Orbit
  • Sun-Synchronous Orbit
  • Molniya Orbit
  • Low Earth Orbit
  • Problems. Part 6 Interplanetary Missions: Patched Conic Approximation
  • Highly Simplified Example
  • Patched Conic Procedure
  • Locating the Planets
  • Design of the Transfer Ellipse
  • Design of the Departure Trajectory
  • Design of the Arrival Trajectory
  • Gravity-Assist Manoeuvre
  • Cycler Orbits
  • Establishing a Planetary Orbit. Part 7 Lunar Trajectories
  • Motion of the Earth-Moon System
  • Time of Flight and Injection Velocity
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Lunar Patched Conic
  • Problems
  • Appendix A - ORBWIN - AIAA Mission Design Software for Windows
  • Appendix B - Mission Design Glossary
  • Appendix C - Mission Design Data.

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