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Powerful Interactions

How to Connect with Children to Extend Their Learning, Second Edition

Amy Laura Dombro (author) Judy Jablon (author)
Charlotte Stetson (author)

ISBN: 9781938113727

Publication Date: Oct 2020

Format: Paperback

Now revised and updated, this reflective guide contains everything you need to understand what Powerful Interactions are, how to make them happen, and why they are so important in increasing children's learning and your effectiveness as a teacher.

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In early childhood settings, children and teachers interact all day long. The benefits to everyone–teachers and children–are enormous when even some of those everyday interactions become intentional and purposeful Powerful Interactions!
  • In step one of a Powerful Interaction, Be Present, you pause to tune in to how you are feeling and consider how you might need to adjust to create a "just-right" fit with a child.
  • In step two, Connect, you let that child know that you see her; are interested in what she is doing, saying, and thinking; and want to spend time with her. Deepening your relationship this way helps the child feel safe, confident, and open to learning. Staying connected and observant helps you make good decisions in step three.
  • In step three, Extend Learning, you make use of your strong connection with the child to stretch her knowledge, skills, thinking, or language and vocabulary just a bit.

Now revised and updated, this reflective guide contains everything you need to understand what Powerful Interactions are, how to make them happen, and why they are so important in increasing children's learning and your effectiveness as a teacher. Whether you work in a child care center or family child care setting, Early Head Start or Head Start program, or a public pre-K or primary classroom, you make a difference in the lives of children and families–and Powerful Interactions can make that difference even bigger.


Intentionality–one of the most overused and misunderstood words in early childhood education–reclaims its meaning in this clear, simple book about how each interaction with a child can build a path to the confidence and curiosity that children need to become collaborative lifelong learners." –Joshua Sparrow, Executive Director, Brazelton Touchpoints Center, and Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

"Can you take a classic book and improve it? That was my question in reading this new edition of Powerful Interactions, and the answer is yes. Research-based and full of compelling examples, it provides opportunity after opportunity for teachers to reflect on and promote joyful Powerful Interactions that extend children's learning." –Ellen Galinsky, Author of Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Skills Every Child Needs

"Relationships are at the heart of everything . . . including Powerful Interactions! With a simple framework, the authors help educators be effective and intentional in their interactions with children. This book sets the stage for creating a positive learning environment and building community while laying the foundation for meaningful relationships throughout life." –Cate Heroman, Early Childhood Consultant and Author, Cate Heroman LLC

"Mastery of the three basic steps of Powerful Interactions makes teaching young children look both magical and elegant! Within the pivotal instruction of "once your offer to connect has been accepted by the child" lies the basis for cultivating an authentic, trusting, respectful relationship between teacher and child and, by extension, the family as well. The special features remain key for teaching teams to measure progress and talk about their evidence-based work." –Jerlean Daniel, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh, and Former Executive Director, NAEYC
Pages 160
Date Published 30 Oct 2020
Publisher National Association for the Education of Young Children
Subject/s Pre-school & kindergarten  
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  • Step One: Be Present
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  • Step Three: Extend Learning
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Amy Laura Dombro is an early childhood educator and documentarian who captures stories of change initiatives with the goal of supporting people who do their best work on behalf of children and families. Amy's work serves as a mirror for busy educators and organizations, providing them with the opportunity to see and build upon what works, think creatively to overcome challenges, track progress, and plan next steps on their path forward.

Judy Jablon is the founder and executive director of Leading for Children, a national non-profit with the mission of providing the best possible early learning experiences for young children while creating environments where educators thrive. Through her writing, video production, and professional development experiences, Judy encourages early childhood educators to draw on their own wisdom to have more meaningful interactions and opportunities for learning.

Charlotte Stetson, MEd, spent the first 20 years of her career in early childhood education teaching young children in varied settings. During the second 20 years, she was a consultant and author. She has worked with teachers, coaches, and administrators to implement best practices in the areas of classroom environment, curriculum content, observation-based assessment, and teacher–child interactions. In addition to Powerful Interactions, she is a co-author of Observation: The Key to Responsive Teaching; Winning Ways to Learn; The Creative Curriculum Study Starters; and the DVD, The Creative Curriculum in Action! Since retiring in 2014, Charlotte is learning to play the cello, volunteering for Acadia National Park, and pursuing her longstanding photography hobby.

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