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Physics of the Electron Solid

S-.T. Chui (editor)

ISBN: 9781571461063

Publication Date: Oct 1999

Format: Hardback

This volume summarizes the state of the experimental and theoretical development in the area of physics of the electron solid, and attempts to condense the great amount of research published in various journals. It also includes experimental results which have incited many theoretical studies.

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Pages 256
Date Published 31 Oct 1999
Publisher International Press of Boston, Inc
Subject/s Scientific equipment, experiments & techniques   Nuclear structure physics   Particle & high-energy physics  
Physics of Quantum Solids of Electrons, S.T. Chui; Wigner Solid, Laughlin Liquid Phase Boundary, R. Price and P.M. Platzman; On the Thermodynamics of Laughlin Liquid Freezing, A. Chan and A.H. MacDonald; Transport Properties of the Two-Dimensional Wigner Crystal, V.J. Goldman; 2D Electron Solid in Low and Zero Magnetic Field, V.M. Pudalov; Surface Acoustic Wave Studies of the Electron Regime, R.L. Willett; Low Lying Phonons and Non-Linear Conductivity of Electrons, E.Y. Andrei et al; Cyclotron Resonance Studies of the 2DES in the Wigner Solid Regime - Spin Splitting and Electron-Electron Interactions, R.J. Nicholas.

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