New Publisher: Empendium

1st June 2021

By Eurospanners

We are delighted to announce that, from 1st June 2021, Eurospan has been appointed as a distributor for Empendium in the UK and continental Europe.

Empendium, based in Poland and part of the publishing house Medycyna Praktyczna, publishes the renowned McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine. Published in conjunction with McMaster University in Canada, the Textbook is a unique international editorial project developed in cooperation with over 500 recognised experts in internal medicine from four continents. Thanks to its unique features, it can be ranked on a par with the most popular textbooks of internal medicine worldwide. An unquestionable testimony to this fact is the involvement of outstanding experts from Canada’s McMaster University – one of the best medical centres in the world and the birthplace of evidence‑based medicine (EBM). Foreign Language editions are available in Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

McMaster Textbook of Internal Medicine 2019/20

Roman Jaeschke

  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9788374306027
  • Publication Date: Oct 2019
  • Availability: In stock: Usually despatched within 7 working days