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Listening for Academic Purposes

Introduction to EAP

Keith S. Folse (author) Robyn Brinks Lockwood (author)

ISBN: 9780472036714

Publication Date: Apr 2016

Format: Paperback

Provides an Introduction to English for Academic Purposes in Listening and contains six two-part lectures on the topic within a field of academic study: architecture, marketing, earth science, history, chemistry, and line arts. The exercises practice an array of important academic listening strategies, including note-taking.

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The 4 Point series is designed for English language learners whose primary goal is to succeed in an academic setting. Academic English learners need skills-based books that focus on reading, listening, and speaking, as well as the two primary language bases of vocabulary and grammar. The ultimate goal is to help your students improve these skills and earn a 4.0 (GPA).

The Introduction to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) level is designed for students in academic programs who need a more general introduction to authentic academic content. The discrete skills volumes are designed for programs and courses that want to more intensively focus on key strategies and authentic academic content in one skill area.

Each 4 Point volume covers academic skills while providing reinforcement and systematic recycling of key vocabulary issues and further exposure to grammar issues. These volumes focus very heavily on vocabulary because language learners know that they are way behind their native-speaker counterparts when it comes to vocabulary. Each book highlights key vocabulary items, including individual words, compound words, phrasal verbs, short phrases, idioms, metaphors, collocations, and longer set lexical phrases.

Listening for Academic Purposes is an introductory textbook containing English for Academic Purposes content. Each unit includes three authentic listening passages–listening for information in a conversation, listening in groups or pairs, and listening to a lecture--on the same topic within a field of academic study: Architecture, Marketing, Earth Science, U.S. History, Chemistry, and Fine Arts. The focus is on improving the skills of understanding main ideas, comprehending details, understanding classroom discourse, and recognizing signal words and phrases. The goal is to provide students with a variety of strategies/tools to master academic situations in which they need to participate.
Pages 176
Dimensions 229 x 152
Date Published 30 Apr 2016
Publisher Michigan ELT
Series 4 Point
Subject/s Study & learning skills: general   ELT: learning material & coursework  

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