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Imagined Interactions

Daydreaming About Communication

James M. Honeycutt (author)

ISBN: 9781572734142

Publication Date: Dec 2002

Format: Paperback

Imagined interactions are a type of daydream in which individuals think about conversations in their minds in an attempt to simulate real-life conversations with others. This title describes their characteristics and functions.

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Imagined interactions (IIs) are a type of daydreaming in which individuals think about conversations in their minds. IIs are attempts to simulate real-life conversations with others. This book is about the characteristics and functions of IIs. Chapter 1 reviews some of the research on components of daydreaming. Chapter 2 describes eight characteristics of IIs and Chapter 3 discusses functions of IIs. Chapters 4 and 5 elaborate on two of these functions in more detail due to their importance and the prevalence of research in these functions. Chapter 6 discusses cross-cultural characteristics and functions of IIs in Japan and Thailand compared to the United States. Chapter 7 consists of studies of imagined interactions in a variety of contexts and the final chapter provides a practical guide to enhancing communication effectiveness and self-confidence through IIs.
Illustrations references, indexes
Pages 184
Date Published 31 Dec 2002
Publisher Hampton Press
Series Interpersonal Communication
Subject/s Communication studies   Cognition & cognitive psychology   States of consciousness  
Daydreaming About Communication. Definition of Imagined Interactions. Theoretical Foundation of IIs. Differences Between IIs and Self-Talk. Daydreaming and Imagined Interactions. IIs as Operant Thought. Modes of Imagery for IIs. Characteristics Of IIs. Measuring Imagined Interactions. Frequency. Proactivity. Retroactivity. Variety. Discrepancy. Self-Dominance. Valence. Specificity. Examples of II Characteristics from a Sample Interview with Two Women. Functions Of IIs. Maintaining Relationships. Managing Conflict. Rehearsal. Self-Understanding. Catharsis. Compensation. Keeping Relationships Alive Through IIs: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder. Empirical Studies on II Topics About Relational Concerns. IIs Among Different Types of Couples. Oral History Storytelling and IIs. Rehearsing Jokes in Marriage. Associations Between II Characteristics and Attachment Styles. Using IIs to Maintain Long-Distance Relationships. IIs of Parents With College-Bound Students. The Role of IIs in Maintaining Liking Among Roommates. Management Conflict: Why It's Hard To Forgive And Forget. II Conflict-Linkage Theory. IIs About Arguing Among Marital Types. Having IIs with Incompetent Teachers. Cross-Cultural Comparisons Of IIs. Independent versus Interdependent Conceptions of Self. Cultural Patterns of Horizontal/Vertical Individualism and Collectivism. IIs in the Pacific Rim. Functions of IIs Among Temporary Sojourners Visiting America. Using IIs to Learn English as a Second Language. IIs Among Chinese Students Preparing to Study in the United States. A Case Study of IIs Concerning the Tian-an-men Square Student Demonstrations in China. IIs In An Assortment Of Contexts. Terminal Cancer Patients and IIs with Physicians. Can We Have IIs with Deceased Loved Ones? IIs Among Homeless Women. IIs in Forensic Competition. IIs Among Banking Executives. IIs and Mutual Dependence. IIs and Deception. IIs and Prayer. IIs And Enhancing Effective Communication. Positive Feelings and Depression Using Imagery. Therapeutic Benefits of Daydreaming. Planning and IIs. Planning and Creativity. Practicing Conversations Through IIs. Activity. Retroactivity. Proactivity. Valence. Variety. What We Should Avoid When Practicing IIs. Discrepancy. Managing Conflict. Self-Dominance. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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