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Human Development Report 2013

The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World

United Nations Development Programme (author)

ISBN: 9789211263404

Publication Date: Apr 2013

Format: Paperback

The pace of transformations around the world is extraordinarily swift, and the consequences will be profound. The rapid emergence of the ‘Global South’ will transform 21st century economics and politics in ways at least as fundamental as those witnessed in the wars and technological revolutions of the 20th century. This report seeks to identify how the dynamics of power, voice and wealth in the world are changing.

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The 21st century is witnessing a profound shift in global dynamics, driven by the fast to rising powers of the developing world. China has overtaken Japan as the world’s second biggest economy, lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty in the process. India is reshaping its future with new entrepreneurial creativity and social policy innovation. Brazil has become an engine of development for all South America while implementing antipoverty Programmes that are emulated worldwide. Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia and many other dynamic developing nations are also lead actors on the world stage. Each of these countries has chosen its own distinct development pathways. Yet they share important common denominators and face many of the same challenges. They are also increasingly interconnected and interdependent. The 2013 Human Development Report examines the causes and consequences of this “Rise of the Global South,” and identifies policies emerging from this new reality that can promote greater sustainability, social cohesion and human development progress throughout the world in the decades to come.
Pages 275
Date Published 30 Apr 2013
Publisher United Nations Publications
Subject/s Development economics  

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