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Forest and Garden

Traces of Wildness in a Modernizing Land, 1897-1949

Melanie Louise Simo (author)

ISBN: 9780813921594

Publication Date: Mar 2003

Format: Hardback

How wild and managed or artificially arranged environments coexist has long been a matter of intense debate among foresters and landscape professionals. In this study, Simo considers the developments of half a century, 1897-1949, when the contours of the debate were formed.

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Simo gives us a graceful and detailed review of the mixture of wildness and control in the American environment and the men and women who cared passionately about the balance between the two conditions. - Roderick Frasier Nash, University of California, Santa Barbara, author of Wilderness and the American Mind
Illustrations 17 b&w illustrations
Pages 296
Date Published 31 Mar 2003
Publisher University of Virginia Press
Subject/s History of the Americas   The natural world, country life & pets   20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000   Environmentalist thought & ideology   Landscape art & architecture   Rural planning  
Melanie L. Simo is the author, with Peter Walker, of Invisible Gardens: The Search for Modernism in the American Landscape, among other books.

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