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Fiscal Federalism in Theory and Practice

International Monetary Fund (author) Teresa Ter-Minassian (volume editor)

ISBN: 9781557756633

Publication Date: Nov 1999

Format: Paperback

The growing interest in intergovernmental fiscal relations has been in line with a growing world-wide trend towards fiscal decentralization. This book presents a series of essays on the principal theoretical and institutional aspects of intergovernmental fiscal relations.

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Over the past few decades, a clear trend has emerged worldwide toward the devolution of spending and, to a lesser extent, revenue-raising responsibilities to state and local levels of government. One view is that the decentralization of spending responsibilities can entail substantial gains in terms of distributed equity and macroeconomic management. The papers in this volume, edited by Teresa Ter-Minassian, examine the validity of these views in light of theoretical considerations, as well as the experience of a number of countries.
Illustrations tables, graphs
Pages 701
Date Published 30 Nov 1999
Publisher International Monetary Fund
Subject/s International economics   Political economy   Public finance   Monetary economics  
Theory; practice - industrial countries; practice - developing countries; practice - economies in transition.

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