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Ethical Decision-Making

Cases in Organization and Leadership

Patricia A. Mitchell (editor)

ISBN: 9781975500825

Publication Date: Jul 2019

Format: Hardback

Also available as: Paperback  

Provides a unique collection of case studies across a wide range of organisations. These cases examine ethical decision-making and organizational and leadership behavioural concepts that are practiced in these organisations. The cases cover topics facing our workforce today and ask the reader to solve the dilemma.

Temporarily out of stock: usually despatched in 10-14 days

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This text provides a unique collection of case studies across a wide range of organizations (higher education, K-12 education, military, state and local government administration, non-profit institutions, and agency management, etc.). These cases examine ethical decision-making and organizational and leadership behavioral concepts that are practiced in these organizations. The cases cover topics facing our workforce today and ask the reader to solve the dilemma. Through a discussion of these cases, students apply decision making and organizational and leadership strategies to analyze each case and therefore gain a better understanding of how to effectively lead and manage within their organizations. This text challenges students to think critically and analytically. Students are encouraged to reflect on options a practitioner could use to solve the problem. All of the cases end with an open scenario and a set of questions, allowing students to offer a wide range of opinions and participate in reflective and robust discussions.

Perfect for courses such as:
Introduction to Ethics | Introduction to Ethical Decision-Making | Principles of Ethical Leadership
Ethical Organizations: Principles and Application | Introduction to Organizational Change
Pages 208
Dimensions 229 x 152
Date Published 30 Jul 2019
Publisher Myers Education Press
Subject/s Education   Higher & further education, tertiary education  
  • Preface
    About the Editor
  • Part I: K –12 Education
    Claudia Coughran
  • Case study:
    1.1 Principal for the Day
    Niki T. Newman-Brown
  • 1.2 Is It Policy or Favor?
    Rebecca Loboschefsky
  • 1.3 Can One Woman Make a Difference?
    Claudia Coughran
  • 1.4 The Honest Teacher
    Michael Blanco
  • 1.5 A Bully Boss or Just Doing the Job?
    Silvia Ramirez
  • 1.6 Restorative Practices
    Shawntee Reed
  • 1.7 He Said, She Said
    Niki T. Newman-Brown
  • 1.8 Football Is King
    Claudia Coughran
  • 1.9 The Manager Who Retaliates
    Michael Blanco
  • 1.10 A Predicament: Promotions and Team Conflict
    Helena Young
  • 1.11 Educational Choices
    Catherine Crouse Barnes
  • Part II: Higher Education
    Silvia Ramirez
  • Case study:
    2.1 Teaching Implicit Bias in Public Education 
    Richard Greggory Johnson III
  • 2.2 Who Gets the Scholarship?
    Jay Le Roux Dillon
  • 2.3 Lack of Recruiting Disclosure
    Jamie Williams
  • 2.4 Faculty-Student Relationship
    Mitchell Friedman
  • 2.5 Board Gone Wild–When Ethics Don't Matter
    Stanford Simmons
  • 2.6 Senior Management Challenge
    Jamie Williams
  • Part III: Public and Nonprofit Organizations
    Marie Roberts De La Parra
  • Case study:
    3.1 Battling Board Members
    Mitchell Friedman
  • 3.2 The Big Easy
    Jason Mitchell
  • 3.3 Coming Up Short: The Challenge of Food Stashing
    Janith Norman
  • 3.4 Promoting from Within
    Jay Le Roux Dillon
  • 3.5 The Nonconsequentialist Leader
    Marie Roberts De La Parra
  • 3.6 No Need to Rush
    Cynthia Mitchell
  • 3.7 Keeping Secrets
    Candy Smolik
  • 3.8 The Paying Public and Private Problems
    Candy Smolik
  • Part IV: Government and Law Enforcement
    Tyree Robinson
  • Case study:
    4.1 Dignity, Sweetheart Deals, and Politics
    Janith Norman
  • 4.2 Management Accountability
    Tyree Robinson
  • 4.3 Who's Really Being Served?
    Matthew Escover
  • 4.4 Dirty Deeds
    Dominic Yin
  • 4.5 Acceptable Racism
    Tyree Robinson
  • Part V: Corporate America
    Tommy Moreno and Marion Moreno
  • Case study:
    5.1 The Case of the Missing Performance Reviews
    Susan R. Stryker and James B. Stryker
  • 5.2 Sponge Management–Compassionate Leader or Colluder?
    Beverly Davis
  • 5.3 Cultural Sensitivity
    Shawntee Reed
  • 5.4 Misbehaving or Misunderstanding?
    Harold Wilson
  • 5.5 Ethics During a Crisis
    Mel Davis
  • 5.6 No Pressure–Hire My Son
    Tommy L. Moreno
  • 5.7 What's the Harm–To Share or Not to Share?
    Marion C. Moreno
  • 5.8 Forced Ethics
    Mel Davis
  • 5.9 Leadership Lessons Learned
    Brad Hatton
  • 5.10 Moving Manufacturing to India
    Susan R. Stryker and James B. Stryker
  • 5.11 Managing Work Force Diversity
    Melvinia King
  • Part VI: Health Industry
    Patricia Mitchell
  • Case study:
    6.1 Equal Pay for Equal Work
    Veronica Knott
  • 6.2 English-Only Workplace Policies
    Jonathan Pettey
  • Postscript
    List of Contributors
Dr. Patricia A. Mitchell is Professor Emeritus and the former chair of the Department of Leadership Studies at the University of San Francisco (USF). Dr. Mitchell has over 40 years of professional and teaching experience in postsecondary education. She has been a major player and has made an impact on training and preparing leaders and managers to transform their organizations. Her research interests include organization and leadership issues; curriculum development; women's issues; and diversity in higher education. Mitchell has written and co-edited six textbooks, authored scholarly publications, and facilitated professional presentations. She was the recipient of the USF Ignatian Service Award for 2015. This award honors a faculty member whose service to students, the university and the community at large constitutes an exceptional contribution. Additionally, she received the Morgan State University Alumni Special Achievement Award for 2017. Mitchell serves on the executive board of the USF Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa at the University of San Francisco.

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