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Creative Intelligence

Toward Theoretic Integration

Don Ambrose (editor) leonora M. Cohen (Oregon State University, USA)
Abraham Tannenbaum (editor)

ISBN: 9781572734661

Publication Date: Aug 2002

Format: Paperback

The contributions to this volume are part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary attempt to clarify, expand, and discover integrative patterns within conceptual foundations for research and practice in fields pertaining to creative intelligence.

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The Contributions to this volume are part of a coliaborative, interdiscipinary attempt to clarify, expand, and discover integrative patterns within current conceptual foundations for research and practice in fields pertaining to creative intelligence. Chapters in the first section establish the lay of the land for this ambitious project. The authors in this section also make recommendations about the most effective ways to approach broad-scope exploration of theory pertaining to creative intelligence. The next section includes several conceptual frameworks that have potential for incorporating a wide range of phenomena pertaining to creative intelligence. Section Three includes clarifications of environmental influences on the development of creative intelligence and the sociocultural selection of giftedness. Authors in this section also deal with internal cognitive processes and the moral-ethical dimensions of mind. Finally, Section Four returns to broad-scope perspective-taking.
Pages 384
Date Published 31 Aug 2002
Publisher Hampton Press
Subject/s Intelligence & reasoning  
Contributors, Broad Philosophical Perspectives On Creative Intelligence. Mapping the Terrain of Creative Intelligence. Don Ambrose, LeoNora M. Cohen, and Abraham J. Tannenbaum. Paradigms, Mind Shifts, and the 21st-Century Zeitgeist: New Contexts for Creative Intelligence, Don Ambrose. A Conceptual Lens for Looking at Theories of Creativity, LeoNora M. Cohen. Overarching Themes And Models. Toward a Comportential Model of Creativity, Klaus K. Urban. The Ecosystem of Giftedness and Creativity, Patricia Hollingsworth. Art and Science, Ancient and Modern: A Psychoeconomic Perspective on Domain Differences in Creativity, Daniel L Rubenson. Human Creativity and Chaotic Dynamics, Anne Sterling. Contextual And Internal Influences On Intelligence. Cognitive Research on Giftedness: A Window on Creativity and Teaching for Creativity, Bruce M. Shore, F. Gillian Rejskind, and, Lannie S. Kanevsky. Optimal Motivation for Creative Intelligence, Dan Rea. The Gifted Learner, the Novice, and the Expert: Sharpening Emerging Views of Giftedness, Sophie Pelletier and Bruce M. Shore. From William James to Maslow and Dabrowski; Excitability of Character and Self-Actualization, Michael M. Piechowski, Theoretic Scope, Dynamic Tensions, and Dialectical Processes: A Model for Discovery of Creative intelligence, Don Ambrose. Author Index. Subject Index.

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