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Conquer Chronic Pain

An Innovative Mind -Body Approach

Peter Przekop (author)

ISBN: 9781616497897

Publication Date: Sep 2015

Format: Paperback

Provides a revolutionary alternative programme proven effective in managing chronic pain. By learning how the brain can be reprogrammed to reverse patterns, you can often completely relieve suffering and the deep despair chronic pain can cause.

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The incidence of chronic pain has taken on epidemic proportions. The common response of traditional medicine has been to prescribe opioid painkillers, which can lead to overdose and addiction.

Over the past ten years, Dr. Peter Przekop has developed a revolutionary alternative program to manage pain that goes well beyond the short-term relief of prescription painkillers. Przekop discovered that pain can become chronic, not just because of the trauma that caused it, but because the brain becomes programmed to recreate the experience of pain as a coping mechanism.

Conquer Chronic Pain will help you return to pain-free functioning. Gain the same insights Dr. Przekop has brought to hundreds of chronic pain sufferers by learning how the brain can be reprogrammed to alleviate pain. You’ll also learn how chronic stress, adversity, and negative emotions influence how we experience and interpret pain and what to do to reverse the pattern.

Dr. Przekop provides a daily routine of exercises that have proven effective in managing chronic pain, often completely relieving it and the deep despair it can cause. Following his program brings the mind and body into harmony so that the psychological function that chronic pain previously served is no longer necessary.


"Despite the taget audience being people who are living with chronic pain, this book is written in an accessible manner and will also appeal to nurses who encounter patients facing the challenge of making sense of their chronic pain."

- Reviewed by Sarah Ryan, nurse consultant in rheumatology, for Nursing Standard (January 2016). 
Pages 200
Dimensions 279 x 216
Date Published 30 Sep 2015
Publisher Hazelden Publishing
Subject/s Family & health   Self-help & personal development   Mind, Body, Spirit   Pain & pain management  

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