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Bullets or Ballots?

The Ultimate Solution to Crime and Unemployment in South Africa

Ruben Richards (author)

ISBN: 9780986983320

Publication Date: Dec 2011

Format: Paperback

Asserting that crime and growing unemployment remain the Achilles' heel of today's South Africa, this book calls for a new identity for South Africans, deliberately cast in industrial rather than political language. Pointing out that Africa has enough mineral wealth to be the wealthiest continent on the planet, the book asks Why then are South Africa and its neighbors still so poor? The answer to this question goes beyond the usual diatribe about African leaders being corrupt and Western nations being greedy. Instead the discussion critically examines South Africa's journey from apartheid to political freedom—and argues that economic bondage will give way when more engineers and new industries appear on the scene.

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The combination of crime and growing unemployment remains the Achilles heel of the new South Africa. The apartheid government refused to fix it. The democratic government seems incapable of doing so. A miracle is desperately needed. The ordinary South African citizen has the power to create such a miracle. What is required is the obsessive development of an industrial consciousness as the basis of a new patriotic identity for South Africa – a different national psyche – a new patriotism deliberately cast in individual rather than political language. The proposals made in this book deserve consideration by all South Africans, especially those interested in the sustainable success of a new post-apartheid South Africa.
Pages 304
Date Published 30 Dec 2011
Publisher Real African Publishers
Subject/s Poverty & unemployment   Causes & prevention of crime  

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