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Women as Healers

Cross-cultural Perspectives

Carol Shepherd McClain (editor)

ISBN: 9780813513706

Publication Date: Jul 1989

Format: Paperback

In this collection of essays, 13 contributors explore the intersection of feminist and medical anthropology in 11 case studies of women in traditional and emergent roles as healers in diverse parts of the world.

Temporarily out of stock: usually despatched in 10-14 days

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In "Women as Healers" 13 contributors explore the intersection of feminist anthropology and medical anthropology in eleven case studies of women in traditional and emergent healing roles in diverse parts of the world. In both mundane healing roles such as family healers and specialized healing roles such as shamans, diviner-mediums and midwives, women throughout the world pursue strategic ends through healing, manipulate cultural images to effect cures and explain misfortune and shape and are shaped by the social and political contexts in which they work. In an introductory chapter, Carol Shepherd McClain traces the evolution of ideas in medical anthropology and in the anthropology of women that have both constrained and expanded our understanding of the significance of gender to healing - one of the most fundamental and universal of human activities.
Pages 272
Date Published 31 Jul 1989
Publisher Rutgers University Press
Subject/s Anthropology   Nursing & ancillary services   Feminism & feminist theory  
Part 1 Women as informal healers: the forgotten healers: women as family healers in an Andean Indian community, Ruthbeth Finerman; it's all in a name: local-level female healers in Sri Lanka, Carolyn Nordstrom; the management of reproduction in an egalitarian society, Carole H. Browner. Part 2 Healing with female metaphors: mothering and the practice of "Balm" in Jamaica, William Wedenoja; the socioreligious role of the Christian science practitioner, Margery Fox; healing with mother metaphors: Serbian conjurers' word magic, Barbara Kerewsky-Halpern. Part 3 Women as ritual specialists: old ghosts and ungrateful children: a Korean shaman's story, Laurel Kendal; becoming a Puerto Rican espiritista: life history as a female healer, Merrill Singer Roberta Garcia; mystical black power: the calling to diviner-mediumship in Southern Africa, Edward C.Green. Part 4 Women healers in contemporary rural and urban Benin, Carolyn Sargent, sisterhood and professionalization: a case study of the American lay midwife, Margaret Reid.

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