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Behaving Badly

Aversive Behaviors in Interpersonal Relationships

Robin M. Kowalski (editor)

ISBN: 9781557987167

Publication Date: Jan 2001

Format: Hardback

An honest look at the dark side of relating with others. Some of the most commonly experienced aversive phenomena are explored in the book, including teasing, swearing, gossiping and betrayal. The contributors explore these behaviours through the eyes of both the victims and the perpetrators.

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Most of us spend our lives craving positive, healthy connections with others, but relationships are often the source of many of life's greatest frustrations. Behaving Badly takes a uniquely honest look at the dark side of relating with others. How can the loved one who raises your spirits one day be an insensitive jerk the next? Why is it that the closer people become, the greater the likelihood that they will offend, embarrass, annoy, and hurt one another? Some of the most commonly experienced aversive phenomenon are explored in this book, including teasing, swearing, gossiping, and betrayal.

These aversive behaviors have profound implications for the process of social interaction, and this book fills a gap by gathering the most interesting research on this oft-overlooked area of study. Rich in research and vivid examples, the chapters of this volume explore these behaviors through the eyes of both victims and perpetrators, often revealing the hidden benefits of aversive behavior. Social psychologists, clinicians, therapists, and anyone interested in those aggravating elements of relationships should read this book.
Illustrations Illustrations
Pages 320
Date Published 31 Jan 2001
Publisher American Psychological Association
Subject/s Social, group or collective psychology  

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