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Spain's First Democracy

The Second Republic, 1931-36

Stanley G. Payne (author)

ISBN: 9780299136741

Publication Date: Aug 1993

Format: Paperback

Payne's study places Spain's Second Republic within the historical framework of Spanish liberalism, and the rapid modernisation of inter-war Europe. He aims to present a consistent and detailed interpretation, demonstrating striking parallels to the German Weimar Republic.

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The significance of Spain's Second Republic has been largely overshadowed by the cataclysmic Civil War that immediately followed it. Stanley Payne brings his knowledge of Spanish history to bear on the five-year span of the Second Republic as an historic entity in its own right. In "Spain's First Democracy", he argues that the Republic was one of the major national attempts at political democratisation and reform in Europe between the World Wars and represented the most important effort to swim against the tide during Europe's era of fascism. Payne's study places the Republic within the historical framework of Spanish liberalism and the rapid modernisation of inter-war Europe, which was unlike any other period in Spain's history. Payne discusses the Republicans' efforts to establish Spain's first democratic political systems and to institute major reforms within the Republic. In highlighting reforms in politics and government, education and culture, public works, military affairs, and society as a whole, he assesses the successes and failures of these reforms as well as the reasons for their limitations. He also examines the economic and foreign policy issues of the period. Focusing particularly on political conflict and social cleavage, Payne explores the sources and character of the political polarisation that developed as a result of the assaults on the Republic from the Left and the Right. He identifies the main political actors in this schism and their role in the eventual breakdown of the Republic. Tracing the progressive collapse of the Republican polity in the first half of 1936, Payne stresses the importance of political violence in the democracy's downfall. In restoring perspectives that have been ignored or bypassed, Payne aims to present a consistent and detailed interpretation of Spain's Second Republic, demonstrating its striking parallels to the Weimar Republic in Germany.
Illustrations 22 illustrations
Pages 544
Date Published 31 Aug 1993
Publisher University of Wisconsin Press
Subject/s European history   20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000   Liberalism & centre democratic ideologies  

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