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Quest for Life

A Study in Aharon David Gordon's Philosophy of Man in Nature

Yossi Turner (author)

ISBN: 9781644693124

Publication Date: Jul 2020

Format: Hardback

Presents a study of the life and work of one of the most interesting, original and creative Jewish thinkers of the twentieth century. Among its various goals, this work is intended to familiarize the English reading public with Gordon's philosophy, which was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century in Hebrew.

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A.D. Gordon was one of the most interesting and original Jewish thinkers of the twentieth century. Quest for Life presents Gordon's philosophy, which was developed in Hebrew at the beginning of the twentieth century, to the English reading public. It discusses the role played by the early Land of Israel pioneering labor community in the development of his thought, and offers a new understanding of its major themes, including: the relation of humanity to nature, human freedom, ethnicity, religion, and ethics. In addition, the book discusses the repercussions of Gordon's thought with respect to contemporary civilization while suggesting its implicit 'quest for life' as the basis for a re-evaluation of such topics as the meaning of human life, Jewish peoplehood and the idea of a Jewish homeland.
Pages 174
Dimensions 234 x 156
Date Published 30 Jul 2020
Publisher Academic Studies Press
Series Emunot: Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah
Subject/s Philosophy   Philosophy of religion   Ethics & moral philosophy   Jewish studies   Judaism   Judaism: theology  
  • Part One: Introduction: Historical and Biographical Background
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. A Quest for Life: Historical and Biographical Background
  • Part Two: Philosophy and Life–Nature, Society, and the Question of Ecological Responsibility
  • 3. Gordon's Philosophy as a Response to Kant, Nietzsche, and Marx
  • 4. The Foundations of A. D. Gordon's Philosophy of Man in Nature: Life, Self, and Experience
  • 5. Critique of Society and Civilization
  • 6. Religion, Family, and the Ethic of Ecological Responsibility
  • Part Three: Life and Praxis
  • 7. The National "Self" in Aad Ha'am, Brenner, and Gordon
  • 8. Self-Realization as Self-Education
  • 9. Freedom and Equality in Gordon's Ideas on the Founding of a Workers' Settlement
  • Part Four: National Individuality, Social Justice, and the Prospects of a Universal Humanity
  • 10. Zionism and Diaspora Jewry
  • 11. Jews and Arabs
  • 12. National Individuality as a Condition of Universal Humanity
  • Part Five: Conclusion
  • 13. A Critical Summary
  • Postscript: Contemporary Repercussions
  • 14. The Malaise of Modernity: Durkheim and Taylor Versus Dewey
  • Bibliography
Yossi Turner is Professor of Jewish Thought and Philosophy at The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. He has published extensively on philosophies of Jewish existence, Jewish religious philosophy, Jewish social thought and the philosophy of Halakha. Turner is also involved in developing an original philosophy of Jewish existence designed to explicate contemporary problems facing Jewish life and humanity.

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