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Helping Skills

Facilitating Exploration, Insight, and Action

Fifth Edition

Clara E. Hill (author)

ISBN: 9781433831379

Publication Date: Aug 2019

Format: Paperback

Presents an updated model of essential helping skills for undergraduate and firstyear graduate students. This book synthesizes the author's extensive clinical and classroom experience into an easy to read guide to the helping process.

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In this fifth edition of her bestselling textbook, Clara Hill presents an updated model of essential helping skills for undergraduate and firstyear graduate students. Hill's model consists of three stages-exploration, insight, and action-in which helpers guide clients in exploring their thoughts and feelings, discovering the origins and consequences of maladaptive thoughts and behaviors, and acting on those discoveries to create positive longterm change.
This book synthesizes the author's extensive clinical and classroom experience into an easytoread guide to the helping process. Aspiring helping professionals will learn the theoretical principles behind the threestage model and fundamental clinical skills for working with diverse clients. Hill also challenges students to think critically about the helping process, their own biases, and what approach best aligns with their therapeutic skills and goals.
New to this edition are
  • detailed guidelines for developing and revising case conceptualizations,
  • expanded coverage of cultural awareness,
  • updated case examples that reflect greater diversity among clients and helpers, and
  • additional strategies for addressing therapeutic challenges.
Illustrations 57 exhibits, 5 figures
Pages 485
Dimensions 254 x 178
Date Published 30 Aug 2019
Publisher American Psychological Association
Subject/s Psychology   Psychotherapy   Rehabilitation  
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I. Overview
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Helping
  • Chapter 2. A Model the Helping Process
  • Chapter 3. Self-Awareness
  • Chapter 4. Cultural Awareness
  • Part II. Exploration Stage
  • Chapter 5. Overview of the Exploration Stage
  • Chapter 6. Skills for Providing Support
  • Chapter 7. Skills for Exploring Non-Affective Content, Thoughts, Narratives, and Stories
  • Chapter 8. Skills for Exploring Feelings
  • Chapter 9. Integrating the Skills of the Exploration Stage
  • Part III. Insight Stage
  • Chapter 10. Overview of the Insight Stage
  • Chapter 11. Skills for Fostering Awareness
  • Chapter 12. Interpretive Skills
  • Chapter 13. Skills for Processing the Therapeutic Relationship
  • Chapter 14. Integrating the Skills of the Exploration and Insight Stages
  • Part IV. Action Stage
  • Chapter 15. Overview of the Action Stage
  • Chapter 16. Working with Four Action Tasks
  • Chapter 17. Integrating the Skills of the Action Stage Part IV: Integration
  • Chapter 18. Putting It All Together: Working With Clients in the Three-Stage Model
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Index
  • About the Author
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Clara E. Hill, PhD, is professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Maryland. Her awards include the Leona Tyler Award, the Distinguished Psychologist Award, the Distinguished Research Career Award, and the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award. Her major research interests are helping skills, the psychotherapy process, training and supervising therapists, dream work, meaning in life, and qualitative research. Dr. Hill has published over 220 journal articles, more than 75 book chapters, and 14 books, including Dream Work in Therapy (2004), and Consensual Qualitative Research (2012), and Meaning in Life (2018). She lives in Silver Spring, MD.

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