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Ethics in HIV-related Psychotherapy

Clinical Decision-making in Complex Cases

John R. Anderson (editor) Robert L. Barret (editor)

ISBN: 9781557987228

Publication Date: Jan 2001

Format: Hardback

A practical decision-making model for clinicians with ethical, moral and legal dilemmas with HIV positive patients. It discusses the risk of legal malpractice, and offers guidance on reducing this risk. Then ten diverse case studies are presented, highlighting common ethical conflicts.

Temporarily out of stock: usually despatched in 10-14 days

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Perhaps no other population exposes the clinician to more moral and legal dilemmas than clients with an HIV-positive diagnosis. What does the therapist do about the HIV positive patient who is having sex with unnamed partners and refuses to stop? What should be said in end-of-life decisions? What of the adolescent who is HIV positive but whose guardian does not wish the youth to be informed of his status? In this volume, Anderson and Barret provide a practical decision-making model. They begin with an overview of common ethical dilemmas, discuss the risk of legal malpractice, and offer guidance on reducing this risk. Then, ten diverse case studies are presented that highlight common ethical conflicts. Each case study includes comments from an ethicist and an attorney.
Pages 376
Date Published 31 Jan 2001
Publisher American Psychological Association
Subject/s Medical ethics & professional conduct   Psychotherapy   AIDS  
HIV-related psychotherapy - personal and career influences, Robert L. Barrett; ethical issues in the practice of psychology with clients with HIV and AIDS, Sara R. Stevenson and Karen S. Kitchener; thinking well about doing good in HIV-related practice - a model of ethical analysis, Karen S. Kitchener and Robert L. Barrett; cultural considerations in HIV ethical decision making -a guide for mental heath practitioners; the effects of grief and loss on decision making in HIV-related psychotherapy, Lynn Bonde; clinical decision making in the shadow of law, Scott Burris; a decision model for ethical dilemmas in HIV-related psychotherapy and its application in the case of Jerry, Robert L. Barrett et al; the secretive HIV-positive spouse - the case of Ruben Morales, Sally Jue et al; the HIV-positive sex worker - the case of Rhonda, Vivian B. Brown et al; the mentally ill, HIV-positive client - the case of Mildred, Robert A. Washington et al; the adolescent at risk of AIDS - the case of James, Robert A. Washington et al; keeping secrets from the HIV-positive child client - the case of Gregory, Y. Lewis et al; the HIV-positive disabled client - the case of Mike, Robert L. Barrett et al; the substance-abusing, HIV-positive client with treatment adherence problems - the case of Angela, John R. Anderson et al; multiple roles with a dying client - the case of Pat, Thomas Eversole et al; suicide and confidentiality with the client with AIDS, Robert L. Barrett et al.

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