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SAP Businessobjects BI System Administration

Greg Myers (author) Eric Vallo (author)
Ashish Gupta (author)

ISBN: 9781592294046

Publication Date: Oct 2012

Format: Hardback


Temporarily out of stock: usually despatched in 10-14 days

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Learn how to size, install, and configure a system that will best meet your needs Master the daily tasks that are necessary to keep an SAP BusinessObjects BI system up and running Get a complete picture of administration in an SAP BusinessObjects BI system- Up to date for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 A system administrator s job isn t easy. When stuff works, no one notices. When stuff breaks, suddenly everyone knows your name. Your most important task, then for your users and for you is to set up your system right the first time, and to keep it running effectively. With this book, learn how to do just that. Make your job easy: Keep a low profile. Practical Insight Skip the SAP roadmaps and get down to the nitty-gritty. With step-by-step instructions, detailed screenshots, and unique tips and tricks, this book tells you exactly what you need to know to do your job. Getting it Started Learn how to get the optimal SAP BusinessObjects BI system in place with practical instruction on sizing, configuration, and installation. Making it Secure Keep your SAP BusinessObjects BI system safe by learning what you should know about principals, rights, objects, hierarchies, firewalls, and more.Keeping it Running Make sure you know how to keep your system running smoothly. Monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance are the ways to do this, and this book will tell you how. Changes in Release 4.0 Face the facts: the Import Wizard is no more, and neither is Desktop Intelligence. Find out what this means for you, and what other changes you should know about.
Illustrations Illustrations
Pages 530
Date Published 30 Oct 2012
Publisher SAP PRESS (a division of Rheinwerk Publishing)
Subject/s Management of specific areas   Business applications   Computing: general  
Greg Myers has worked in the analytics industry for the past 14 years, specializing in Business Objects tools for 10 years. He is primarily focused on the operational side of analytics, working with BI architecture, performance, and administration. He is an SAP Certified Associate in SAP BusinessObjects, as well as an SAP Mentor and active volunteer with America's SAP User Group (ASUG). He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Information Systems, and a Master of Business Administration. Greg currently lives and works in the suburban Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania, and when he's not working or speaking at a conference, he can typically be found puttering in his organic vegetable garden or embarrassing himself on a local golf course.

Eric Vallo has been a part of the greater Business Objects community since 1999, and involved in business intelligence as a whole since early 1998. He has had the opportunity to cover all facets of reporting and analytics, ranging from report and universe development through to business intelligence platform architecture and strategy. Eric is one of the co-founders and the managing partner at EVtechnologies, an SAP Certified Associate in SAP BusinessObjects, an SAP Mentor, and a co-host of the Diversified Semantic Layer podcast. Eric currently lives in an Illinois suburb of St. Louis, MO.

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