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The Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower

Chester J. Pach (author) Elmo Richardson (author)

ISBN: 9780700604371

Publication Date: Apr 1991

Format: Paperback

Also available as: Hardback  

An analysis of Eisenhower's presidency, focusing not on whether he was an active or passive president, but on how his decisions shaped American life in the 1950s and beyond. The authors explore the significance of Eisenhower's policies on a range of issues, from civil rights to atomic testing.

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The focus of this work is not whether Eisenhower was an active or passive president, but how his decisions shaped American life in the 1950s and beyond. This updated edition reaches beyond the issues the revisionists raised: Was Eisenhower in command of his own administration? Did he play a significant role in shaping foreign and domestic policy? Drawing on a wide range of works published within the past decade, the author expands the original 1979 edition of this study. In addition to new material on national security policy, he deepens the analysis of Eisenhower's leadership and managerial style and explores the significance of the decisions Eisenhower made on a range of critical issues, from civil rights to atomic testing. The author breaks with the dominant school of Eisenhower historiography. He concludes, for example, that Eisenhower's commitment to support South Vietnam in 1954, with its attendant responsibilities and consequences, was far more important - and ultimately disastrous - than his refusal to intervene with military force in support of the French in 1954. Eisenhower's unleashing of the CIA (in Iran, Guatemala and elsewhere) also draws sharp criticism, as does his timid and ineffective handling of McCarthy. Yet the author also praises Eisenhower's principled efforts to restrain defence spending and to expand developmental aid to Third World nations.
Pages 288
Date Published 30 Apr 1991
Publisher University Press of Kansas
Series American Presidency Series
Subject/s History of the Americas   Central government policies   Postwar 20th century history, from c 1945 to c 2000  

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