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National Socialism and Gypsies in Austria

Erika Thurner (author)

ISBN: 9780817353292

Publication Date: Feb 2006

Format: Paperback

Also available as: Hardback  


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The Nazis targeted three groups of human beings for extermination: the handicapped, the Jews, and the Gypsies. Though Hitler's men also murdered millions of other innocents, they specifically selected these three groups for total extinction.... Relatively little is known about the fate of the 'dark-skinned' victims of the Holocaust, partly because few Roma and Sinti survived the death camps. "[This] pioneering study of Nazi policy towards the Gypsies [is] a remarkable book. The author demonstrates great skill in unearthing official records, tracking down surviving victims, and interpreting fragmentary sources. Her account thus resembles both a legal brief discovery and a reconstruction of the past." - The Historian "The author's investigation into the central issues of Gypsy persecution in German occupied Austria... also focuses on broader aspects of the Gypsies' fate under the Swastika: the ideological foundations and legal ordinances regarding Gypsies, the discrimination and persecution, and the Gypsies as subjects of medical experiments carried out by Nazi doctors. Thurner's book remains the authoritative study of Nazi policy toward the Gypsies in Austria." - Romani Studies
Illustrations 28 illustrations
Pages 240
Date Published 28 Feb 2006
Publisher The University of Alabama Press
Subject/s European history   The Holocaust  

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