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Another's Country

Archaeological and Historical Perspectives on Cultural Interactions in the Southern Colonies

J.W. Joseph (editor) Martha Zierden (editor)

ISBN: 9780817311292

Publication Date: Dec 2001

Format: Paperback

A look at the rise and fall of cultural diversity in the 18th-century American South. In these essays, archaeologists examine various aspects of the colonial experience, exploring how cultural identity was expressed and why cultural diversity was eventually replaced by a common identity.

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The 18th-century South was a true melting pot, bringing together colonists from England, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and other locations, in additions to African slaves - all of whom shared in the experiences of adapting to a new environment and interacting with American Indians. The shared process of immigration, adaptation, and creolization resulted in a rich and diverse historic mosaic of cultures. The cultural encounters of these groups of settlers would ultimately define the meaning of life in the 19th-century South. The much-studied plantation society of that era and the Confederacy that sprang from it have become the enduring identities of the South. A full understanding of southern history is not possible, however, without first understanding the intermingling and interactions of the region's 18th-century settlers. In the essays collected here, some of the South's leading historical archaeologists examine various aspects of the colonial experience, attempting to understand how cultural identity was expressed, why cultural diversity was eventually replaced by a common identity, and how the various cultures intermeshed. Written in accessible language, this book will be valuable to archaeologists and non-archaeologists alike. Cultural, architectural, and military historians, cultural anthropologists, geographers, genealogists, and others interested in the cultural legacy of the South will find much of value in this book.


Another's Country offers thoughtful, innovative perspectives on the cultural and ethnic diversity of life in the southern British colonies. This is topnotch, finely written historical archaeology presented by a group of leading scholars in the field. - Gregory Waselkov University of South Alabama
Illustrations Illustrations, maps
Pages 376
Date Published 31 Dec 2001
Publisher The University of Alabama Press
Subject/s Cultural studies   Modern history to 20th century: c 1700 to c 1900   History of the Americas   Social & cultural history   National liberation & independence, post-colonialism   Ethnic studies   Colonialism & imperialism   region  
J. W. Joseph is President and Principal Archaeologist of New South Associates, Inc., an Atlanta-based cultural resource management firm. Martha Zierden is Curator of Historical Archaeology at The Charleston Museum in Charleston, S.C. Both contributed to Archaeology of Southern Urban Landscapes.

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