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Autism and Depression

A Workbook for Adolescents and Adults

Katie Saint (author) Carlos Torres (author)

ISBN: 9781949177466

Publication Date: Sep 2020

Format: Paperback

Combines Autism and Depression into one workbook. The book focuses finding the source of depression, setting goals, and instilling a more positive perspective on the learner while being sensitive to the symptoms commonly associated with Autism.

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Autism and depression are very commonly diagnosed together in young adults. This book is for them.

Katie Saint and Carlos Torres, authors of Awkward: The Social Dos and Don'ts, have created another user-friendly resource by combining the issues and needs of young adults with both Autism and Depression into one workbook. Autism and Depression uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to target emotional regulation skills, perspective-taking, acceptance, independent goal setting, and skill-building related to symptoms associated with depression. This book can be used individually or with a trusted therapist or friend.
Pages 75
Dimensions 254 x 178
Date Published 30 Sep 2020
Publisher Future Horizons
Subject/s Education   Family & health   Teaching of autistic students   Child welfare   Mental health services   Paediatric nursing  
Table of Contents


Why Use This Book?

Depression Symptom Checklist

Traits Commonly Associated with Autism

Evaluation of Triggers

Identifying Experiential Avoidance

Identifying Your Priorities

Goal-Setting Tools and Resources

Identifying Support Systems

Data Collection

Increasing the Feel-Good Chemicals

Self-Reflection on Consequences

Mood Evaluation



Problem Thoughts

Skill Development Activities to Fight Depression

  • Ability to Connect with Others
  • Communication
  • Rigidity
  • Sensory
  • Reassessment



    Katie Saint is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and licensed professional therapist. She presents locally and internationally on topics related to Autism, mental health, and Applied Behavior Analysis, and has a private mental health counseling practice. She is also the Director of Training at an autism treatment program and has designed college courses as well as published books and articles related to mental health. She lives in Wisconsin.

    Carlos Torres is an author, coach, and therapist of kids and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He creates curriculum and designs groups for adolescents and young adults with autism, as well as coaches special needs sports teams. With a background in special education, he now works full-time designing skills programs and behavioural interventions for an in-home autism treatment program. He lives in Wisconsin.

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