West Virginia

We are delighted to announce that West Virginia University Press joins our Academic division this month. West Virginia University Press was accepted as a member of the Association of American University Presses in 2002. Their main focus is to find, develop, select, and publish scholarship and creative works of highest quality and enduring value. We are exceptionally excited to expand our Literary Studies subject area with the addition of their Medieval European Studies Series. Titles are now available from Eurospan in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Key Titles Include:

Bede and Aethelthryth
An Introduction to Christian Latin Poetics
Stephen J. Harris
May 2016 | 9781940425931 | Paperback | 216pp
Medieval European Studies Series 18
Asks why Christians in Britain around the year 700 enjoyed Latin poetry. What did they see in it? What did they get from it? This book attempts to reconstruct the horizon of expectation of a highly learned, Latin-speaking nun as she encounters a fifty-line poem by the Venerable Bede, the Hymn to Aethelthryth.

Ecological Governance
Toward a New Social Contract with the Earth
Bruce Jennings
June 2016 | 9781943665181 | Paperback | 208pp
As our economic and natural systems continue on their collision course, Bruce Jennings asks whether we have the political capacity to avoid large-scale environmental disaster. Ecological Governance is an ethicist’s reckoning with how our political culture, broadly construed, must change in response to climate change.

The Last Great Senator
Robert C. Byrd's Encounters with Eleven U.S. Presidents
David A. Corbin
October 2015 | 9781940425610 | Paperback | 277pp
West Virginia & Appalachia Series 17
No person involved in so much history received so little attention as the late Robert C. Byrd, the longest-serving US senator. In The Last Great Senator, David A. Corbin examines Byrd’s complex and fascinating relationships with eleven presidents, from Eisenhower to Obama.