As the weather has taken a cooler turn this week, we’ve been looking for ways to warm up a Summer favourite, and turned to The Mojito from the University Press of Florida for a little inspiration...

Author Heather McPherson celebrates the mojito in all its glory, offering flavour-packed variations to the Caribbean classic that has become a staple in bars and restaurants across the globe. From Spicy Mango to Basil Lychee, Heather never neglects the key elements that make the mojito so special: quality rum, fresh mint, plenty of sugar, and a kick of lime. The simplicity of the mojito is perfectly paired with Heather’s uncomplicated instructions that will make any budding bartender feel like a mojito maestro in no time.

When it came to choosing a recipe to try out, Hot Mojito Tea had a certain appeal that was impossible to ignore. You’ll be less likely to find this one behind the bar when you’re out and about, but the minty mix of rum, sugar, and English Breakfast tea makes for the perfect at-home cocktail to see you through the cooler months. In short, the perfect way to enjoy the mojito all year long!
Though we still have lots of experimenting to do, especially with the mojito mains and desserts also featured in the book, like Heather, we found ourselves saying, ‘Cheers to the mojito’!

The Mojito, from the University Press of Florida, is available to order on the bookstore.