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In 2017, Finland celebrated the 100th anniversary of its independence. Hundreds of cultural events took place throughout the year in commemoration – the most festive of which was a grand reception on the 6th December at the Residence of the President of Finland.

As a continuation of Finland’s forward-looking vision, cultural representatives have embraced the most exciting way to provide future generations with a snapshot of contemporary Finland during this year of celebration: a time capsule!

Buried under the heart of Kuopio and sealed on the 15th of December, the project, entitled Suomi 100 + 100 (‘Finland 100 + 100’), is an extensive collection of deeply-personal artifacts, all pertaining to the life of the Finnish people in 2017. With information and works of art that range in subject from politics to science, business to the arts, the capsule aims to provide those who open it in 2117 with a comprehensive understanding of their country as it was in the 21st century, as a preservation of heritage and a celebration of history.

Among the variety of artifacts included in the capsule was McFarland’s Modern Finland by Harald Haarmann, which provides a multifaceted view of 21st-century Finland. Discussing everything from the geographic and natural history to the Finnish educational system, the book gives a glimpse into the features of ‘Finnishness’ and explores the early peoples and modern populations of the country.

The author’s intention is to instruct the future generations of his family to keep the 200th anniversary of Finnish independence in mind, where he hopes that his descendants might attend the reopening ceremony and discover the work of their ancestor – along with the population of 22nd century Finland!

Modern Finland
, from McFarland, is available on the Eurospan Bookstore now.

The list of women who inspired and uplifted the golden eras of 20th-century Hollywood is long and filled with household names. Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh, Doris Day, and Elizabeth Taylor all come to mind before the protagonist of the new romantic film, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.

Following the last days of Gloria Grahame, the underappreciated former star of stage and screen, the film shadows Grahame (Annette Bening) as she succumbs to illness before a performance and returns to Liverpool to seek comfort from an old flame, Peter Turner (Jamie Bell). Based on Turner’s memoir of the same name, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool is a touching look at the tumultuous life of a forgotten Hollywood icon.

It might be considered serendipitous for the film to be released in this cultural moment, following the revelations of industry-wide mistreatment and abuse of women in film, and the social media storm that these stories have inspired. Decades earlier, Grahame had herself been a victim of Hollywood’s dark side – forced into plastic surgery, attacked by lawyers and the press during her divorces, and physically beaten in films such as Human Desire, Grahame’s experiences bear a poignant relevance today.

Grahame was a talented and multi-faceted actress, working in genres ranging from noir to blockbuster musical, and her comprehensive career is explored in Robert J. Lentz’s Gloria Grahame, Bad Girl of Film Noir, published by McFarland. Compiling her feature film roles, including It’s a Wonderful Life and Oklahoma!, alongside a multitude of made-for-television productions, TV series appearances, and stage performances, Lentz explores the relationship between these roles and her turbulent personal life.

Though her legacy may have been superseded by icons of Old Hollywood glamour, this book and the new film both seek to reclaim Grahame from the depths of cinema history – giving her life and career the time in the spotlight that it deserves.

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