The new edition of Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew is now available, so we've put together a shortlist of ten of the reasons why it's such a favourite read. 

The new third edition of this bestseller loved by millions is now available and updated throughout.

2) It’s a fantastic resource for parents, teachers or anyone involved in an autistic child’s life.

3) It talks from the heart, and from real-life, practical experience. Author Ellen Notbohm’s younger son was diagnosed with autism age four, her older son with ADHD, and both are now grown so she’s seen it all!  

4) Let’s shift the thinking – consider what children can do, not what they can’t.

5) Temple Grandin, autism advocate and superstar, loves this book: “Great book for the parent of a child who is newly diagnosed”.

6) Ellen introduces and summarises topics such as sensory issues, communication and meltdowns from a child’s point of view.

7) There are thought-provoking questions for reflection and discussion about every chapter.

8) It’s a constant reminder to be kind to our children, and, kind to ourselves too.

9) The book is designed to empower you to make the choices that you, children and families need.

10) We go beyond - with this confidence in ourselves and in our children, we can become advocates for those with autism.

Available on the Bookstore now: https://www.eurospanbookstore.com/ten-things-every-child-with-autism-wishes-you-knew-275540.html