We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 March 2019, titles published by Woodhead Publishing India are now available through Eurospan worldwide excluding South Asia.

Woodhead Publishing India (WPI) was established in 2008 as a joint venture between Woodhead Publishing UK and Sara Books Pvt. Ltd. WPI has firm roots in textile publishing and is a leading publisher in textile technology, as well as in agriculture, energy and environment, food science and nutrition, materials and engineering. WPI’s objective is to publish books with quality content and seeks to serve young authors, industry experts as well as avid readers.


Food Nutrition, Science and Technology
Neelam Singh & Dr. I. S. Singh
2018 540pp
9789385059438 Hardback
Woodhead Publishing India in Food Science
Addresses three aspects of food: nutrition (covering the fundamental of food and nutrition); food science (including food sources and nutritional benefits); and food technology (looking at processing techniques, waste utilisation, and food safety).

Energy Conservation
S.C. Bhatia & Sarvesh Devraj
2016 359pp
9789385059230 Hardback
Woodhead Publishing India in Energy
Energy Conservation promises to fill the gap between supply and demand. It is a complete treatise and will be invaluable for professionals, industrialists and consultants working within the energy sector.

Sustainability in Fashion and Apparels
Challenges and Solutions
Edited by Dr. M. Parthiban, Dr. M. R. Srikrishnan & Dr. P. Kandhavadivu
2017 225pp,
9789385059292 Hardback
Woodhead Publishing India in Agriculture
Addresses the pathway to reach sustainability in the fashion and apparel sectors. It contains various research papers originally contributed by different authors from various organizations who are all working towards the eco-friendly manufacturing of apparel products.