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Wilfrid Laurier University Press is a leading publisher of interdisciplinary scholarship bridging the humanities and social sciences, specializing in Indigenous studies, Black Canadian studies, queer studies, disabilities studies, life writing, women’s and gender studies, environmental humanities, film and media studies, and publishing and information studies. They push conventional boundaries of form, publishing hybrid book formats, audio, and born-digital scholarship alongside traditional scholarly books and select titles for the general trade. They publish research and writing that embodies the principles of diversity and equity, engages with broad questions of social justice, and gives space to writers and subjects from often marginalized communities.


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Cinema of Pain
On Quebec’s Nostalgic Screen
Edited by Liz Czach and André Loiselle
June 2020 240pp
9781771124331 Paperback
Since the defeat of the pro-sovereigntists in the 1995 Quebec referendum, the loss of a cohesive nationalistic vision in the province has led many Québécois to use their ancestral origins to inject meaning into their everyday lives.

A Cinema of Pain argues that this phenomenon is observable in a pervasive sense of nostalgia in Quebec culture and is especially present in the province’s vibrant but deeply wistful cinema. In Québécois cinema, nostalgia not only denotes a sentimental longing for the bucolic pleasures of bygone French–Canadian traditions, but, as this edited collection suggests, it evokes the etymological sense of the term, which underscores the element of pain (algos) associated with the longing for a return home (nostos).

Gorgeous War
The Branding War Between the Third Reich and the United States
Tim Blackmore
October 2019 300pp
9781771124201 Hardback
Argues that the Nazis used the swastika as part of a visually-sophisticated propaganda program that was not only modernist but also the forerunner of contemporary brand identity. When the United States military tried to answer Nazi displays of graphic power, it failed. Using numerous examples of US and Nazi military heraldry, Gorgeous War compares the way the American and German militaries developed their graphic and textile design in the interwar period.

A Life of Timothy Findley
Sherrill Grace
June 2020 448pp, 40 images
9781771124539 Hardback
Timothy Findley (1930-2002) was one of Canada’s foremost writers – an award-winning novelist, playwright, and short-story writer who began his career as an actor in London. He was instrumental in the development of Canadian literature and publishing in the 1970s and 80s. TIFF is the first full biography of this eminent Canadian writer. Sherrill Grace provides insight into Findley’s life and struggles through an exploration of his private journals and his relationships with family, his beloved partner, and his close friends, including Alec Guinness, William Hurt, and Margaret Laurence.