We are delighted to announce that titles published by the University of Delaware Press are now available through Eurospan in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With its more than ninety-years history of publishing high-quality scholarship, the University of Delaware Press has established itself as a distinguished press in the arts and humanities, particularly in the fields of literary studies, art history, and material culture. It is a leading publisher in early modern and eighteenth-century studies, with thriving series including Studies in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Art and Culture, The Early Modern Exchange, Performing Celebrity, and Early Modern Feminisms.


The Enemy in Italian Renaissance Epic
Images of Hostility from Dante to Tasso
Andrea Moudarres
May 2019 288pp
9781644530016 Paperback
9781644530009 Hardback
Early Modern Exchange
Andrea Moudarres examines the question of hostility by considering the works of Dante, Luigi Pulci, Ludovico Ariosto, and Torquato Tasso.

Retelling the Siege of Jerusalem in Early Modern England
Vanita Neelakanta
Apr 2019 256pp
9781644530139 Paperback
9781644530122 Hardback
Early Modern Exchange
Explores the importance of the Fall of Jerusalem narrative in early modern English popular print culture and polemics. Vanita Neelakanta describes the Jerusalem trope both as literary device and as a tool of creating English nationhood.

The Circuit of Apollo
Eighteenth-Century Women's Tributes to Women
Edited by Laura L. Runge & Jessica Cook
Apr 2019 264pp
9781644530047 Paperback
9781644530030 Hardback
Early Modern Feminisms
Explores women’s tributes to each other in British literature and attests to the vital practice of commemorating women’s artistic and personal relationships. In doing so, these essays illuminate the complexity of female friendships and honour.