We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 April 2020, titles published by the University of Calgary Press will be available through Eurospan worldwide, excluding North America.

The University of Calgary Press publishes peer-reviewed scholarly books and innovative literature that connects local experiences to the global community. With fourteen series in specialized topics ranging from art to scholarship, Canadian Studies to Environmental Studies, Africa to Latin America, and beyond, University of Calgary Press books create a deeper understanding of human dynamics in a changing world.


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Others of My Kind
Transatlantic Transgender Histories
Alex Bakker, Rainer Herrn, Michael Thomas Taylor & Annette F. Timm
August 2020 400pp, 170 images
9781773851211 Paperback
An illuminating look at the transatlantic, transgender community that shaped the history and study of sexuality. From the turn of the twentieth century to the 1950s, a group of transgender people on both sides of the Atlantic created communities that profoundly shaped the history and study of sexuality. By exchanging letters and pictures among themselves they established private networks of affirmation and trust, and by submitting their stories and photographs to medical journals and popular magazines they sought to educate both doctors and the public. Others of My Kind draws on archives in Europe and North America to tell the story of this remarkable transatlantic transgender community. This book uncovers threads of connection between Germany, the United States, and the Netherlands to discover the people who influenced the work of authorities like Magnus Hirschfeld, Harry Benjamin, and Alfred Kinsey not only with their clinical presentations, but also with their personal relationships.

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Secession and Separatist Conflicts in Postcolonial Africa
Charles G. Thomas & Toyin Falola
June 2020 416pp
9781773851266 Paperback
Africa: Missing Voices, No 11
Wars fought for political separation have become omnipresent in postcolonial Africa. From the division of Sudan, to the continued fragmentation of Somalia, and the protracted struggles of Cabinda and Azawad, conflict over secession and separation continues to the present day. This is the first single volume to examine the historical arc of secession and secessionist conflict across sub-Saharan Africa. Paying particular attention to the development of secessionist conflicts and their evolving goals, this book draws on rigorous research to examine three waves of secessionist movements, themselves defined by international conflict and change. Using detailed case studies, the authors offer a framework to understand how secession and separation occur, how these are influenced by both preceding movements and global political trends, and how their ongoing legacies continue to shape African regional politics.

Mobilizing Global Knowledge
Refugee Research in an Age of Displacement
Edited by Susan McGrath & Julie E.E. Young
September 2019 336pp
9781773850856 Paperback
This examination of, and guide to, the challenges and responsibilities of doing research with displaced peoples while respecting their complex needs brings together academics and practitioners to reflect on a global collaborative refugee research network. Bridging scholarship on network building for knowledge production and scholarship on research with and about refugees, Mobilizing Global Knowledge brings together a vibrant collection of topics and perspectives. It addresses ethical methods in research practice, the possibilities of social media for data collection and information dissemination, environmental displacement, transitional justice, and more. This is essential reading for anyone interested in how to create and share knowledge to the benefit of the millions of people around the world who have been forced to flee their homes.