Eurospan is pleased to announce that, as of 1 January 2018 we are the distributors of Society Publishing, with distribution rights across Europe and Central & South Africa.

Society Publishing is a leading independent global publisher of academic, professional, research works and textbooks and is dedicated to developing collections of titles in the humanities. It offers scholarly content to students and academic researchers with a focus on first-class production, and is committed to publishing innovative and informative books written and edited by internationally renowned professionals in their fields.


Biogeography and Biodiversity
Judith Rosales
Nov 2018 9781773612065 Hardback 300pp
Integrates science and policy perspectives to biogeography and biodiversity. This book provides a resource of information and ideas and extensive references to issues of primary concern, including how species arise, disperse, diversify and become extinct; how environmental factors influence animals and plants; and the development of preventive and educational components of conservation biogeography.

Environmental Management for Hotels
A Comprehensive Guide for Sustainable Operation
Jennifer Raga
Feb 2018 9781773613314 Hardback 275pp
Environmental management and sustainability have been recent important issues in the hospitality industry. This comprehensive book emphasizes regulatory issues, which relate to the management of hospitality procedures in ways which are penetrating to the impact on the environment whereas not threatening their own financial viability.

Innovation in Marketing
Jonah C. Pardillo
Jan 2018 9781773610160 Hardback 322pp
Developing good marketing and subsequent good returns in businesses is a fundamental requirement of any business what wishes to progress well in the long run. The focus of this book is to equip prospective, budding, and existing marketers with all the necessary knowledge on how they can marry innovation and marketing in order to improve results.