We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 January 2019, titles published by Mirabel Publishing are now available through Eurospan worldwide excluding North America and Australasia.

Mirabel Publishing is an educational print media company, conceived and designed to cater to academic pursuits and interests and to spread educational and cultural ideas at the forefront of creative, positive change. Mirabel’s publishing programme focuses on business and management, international trade, HR management, and business law.


Human Resource Development
Learning for Innovation and Productivity, Fifth Edition
Brian Delahaye & Sarojni Choy
2018 512pp
9781925716542 Paperback
Discusses adult learning theories, human resource development and knowledge management while presenting a number of unique models, e.g. the Hierarchy of Learning Outcomes, the Interview Pattern, Holistic Adult Learning and Knowledge Management.

Be Your Own Boss
The Practical Self-Employment Handbook, Second Edition
Ian Birt
2017 128pp
9781925716344 Paperback 
A short practical guide for the growing number of people working as independent contractors selling their own skilled labour services. This convenient handy guide explains simply, and without jargon, how to successfully start and run your own business – whatever the services you offer.

Manage Finances and Develop Financial Plans
Running Your Business Better, Sixth Edition
Ian Birt
2017 334pp
9781925716368 Paperback 
This fully updated sixth edition shows you how to control financial results effectively in a small business. Each chapter has exercises within the text, a list of key terms, and a multiple-choice quiz. There are also assessment activities at the end of key chapters.