Eurospan is pleased to announce that J. Ross Publishing joined us on 1st July 2020 for distribution in the UK, continental Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and Oceania.

J. Ross Publishing produces books and multi-media products for business, science, technology, environmental, and engineering professionals. With nearly a two-decade track record of creating high-quality content and a commitment to meeting the needs of the marketplace, they are a leader in the professional publisher arena. In order to keep up with today's challenges, J. Ross Publishing features practical, hands-on solutions that solve real-world problems and adds value to the learning experience.


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Effective Project and Change Sponsorship
Getting the Most from Your Strategic Investments
Ori Schibi
September 2020 320pp
9781604271744 Paperback
Addresses the challenges that organisations face surrounding the sponsorship of projects and change initiatives. This long overdue book provides techniques, remedies, and approaches to improve the way these initiatives are sponsored, led, and executed to ensure context, alignment, and a focus on value creation.

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Quantum Lean
Taking Lean Systems to the Next Level
Sean Fields & Michael Sanders
September 2020 328pp
9781604271751 Paperback
Presents a revolutionary approach to lean systems. Whereas traditional lean techniques suffer from less-than-inspiring results, Quantum Lean (QL) rethinks this subject and provides an overdue remedy. The key to this breakthrough is that QL approaches lean systems from an entirely different perspective than conventional methods.

Simplified Real-World Economics
A Practical Guide for Managers and Small Business Owners
Michael C. Thomsett
2019 312pp
9781604271676 Paperback
Simplified Real-World Economics, by financial guru and best-selling author Michael Thomsett, dispels the myths and explains microeconomics and macroeconomics in an easy-to-understand manner. It’s supported by dozens of real-world examples from history and the author’s own first-hand experience, giving it the authenticity that too many books lack.