We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 January 2020, titles published by the Endocrine Society are available through Eurospan worldwide, excluding North America, Latin America & the Caribbean, and North Korea.

The Endocrine Society is a global organization, spanning 122 countries, of 18,000 physicians, scientists, educators, nurses, and students dedicated to accelerating scientific breakthroughs and improving patient health and wellbeing. It works towards unravelling the mysteries of hormone disorders to care for patients and cure disease, and is devoted to advancing hormone research, excellence in the clinical practice of endocrinology, broadening understanding of the critical role hormones play in health, and advocating on behalf of the global endocrinology community.


ESAP™ 2019: Endocrine Self-Assessment Program
Questions, Answers, Discussions, Reference Edition
Edited by Lisa R. Tannock
March 2020 194pp
9781879225572 Paperback
9781879225589 Hardback
A self-study curriculum for physicians and health professionals wanting a self assessment and a broad review of endocrinology. It consists of 120 brand-new multiple choice questions in all areas of endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism. There is extensive discussion of each correct answer, a comprehensive syllabus, and references. ESAP™ is updated annually with new questions.

Pediatric ESAP™ 2019-2020 Pediatric Endocrine Self-Assessment Program
Questions, Answers, Discussions, Reference Edition
Edited by Paola A. Palma Sisto
March 2020 152pp
9781879225596 Paperback
9781879225602 Hardback
A self-study curriculum specifically designed for endocrinologists seeking initial certification or recertification in pediatric endocrinology, program directors interested in a training instrument, and clinicians and health professionals seeking a self-assessment and a broad review of pediatric endocrinology.

Endocrine Board Review
11th Edition, Reference Edition
Edited by Serge A. Jabbour
March 2020 266pp
9781879225619 Paperback
9781879225626 Hardback
A board examination preparation book designed for endocrine fellows who are preparing to sit for the board certification exam, and for practicing endocrinologists in search of a comprehensive self-assessment of endocrinology, either to prepare for recertification or to update their practice.

2019 Meet-the-Professor Endocrine Case Management
Reference Edition
Edited by Susan A. Sherman
March 2020 298pp
9781879225633 Paperback
9781879225640 Hardback
Presents the latest updates in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of endocrine disorders. This valuable resource allows you to evaluate your endocrine knowledge and gain insight into the strategies used by clinical experts. It is updated annually with new cases.