Eurospan is pleased to announce that, as of 1 January 2018 we are the distributors of Delve Publishing, with distribution rights across Europe and Central & South Africa.

Delve Publishing is a leading independent global publisher of Academic, Professional, Research works and Textbooks and is dedicated to developing collections of titles in various subject areas such as Agriculture and Life Sciences, Animal and Veterinary Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Science and Mathematics. We offer scholarly content to students and academic researchers with a focus on first-class production, and are committed to publishing innovative and informative books written and edited by internationally renowned professionals in their fields.


Marine Mammal Biology
An Evolutionary Approach
Pooja Pandya
Nov 2018 9781773612454 Hardback 300pp
Provides a general introduction to the biology of marine mammals, and an overview of the adaptations that have permitted mammals to succeed in the marine environment. It explores the essential aspects of what makes marine mammals physiologically “different” from terrestrial mammals.

Pesticides and Their Effects on Biological Organisms
Edited by Levitah Castil Mapatac
Feb 2018 9781773610344 Hardback 320pp
Provides information on the different aspects of pesticides, such as types, classification, functions, hazards, metabolism, toxicity and possible effects on human health and non-target aquatic and animal species.

Milk Production
Animal Nutrition, Management and Health
Edited by Nada Ben Abdallah
Feb 2018 9781773612478 Hardback 275pp
Presents essential information about the principles of milk production, nutritional requirements for dairy cattle, basic management practices involved in dairy farming and health conditions that affect dairy cows in milk production.