We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 September 2019, titles published by Central Recovery Press are available worldwide excluding North America through Eurospan.

Central Recovery Press (CRP) publishes books that include the latest research and best practices so that those seeking recovery from addiction, chronic pain, and mental health issues can have the greatest chance of success in their lives and find balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

CRP’s library covers the full spectrum of behavioural healthcare topics, including addiction treatment and recovery, co-occurring disorders, addiction and the family, parenting, relationships, trauma, grief and loss, and mindfulness.


Writing the Big Book
The Creation of A.A.
William H. Schaberg
Sep 2019 844pp
9781949481280 Paperback
Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most significant self-help books of the twentieth century with an estimated thirty-seven million copies sold, translated into seventy languages. Released in 1939, the Big Book, as it is commonly known, has spawned a number of recovery communities around the world and remains a vibrant tool in introducing a plan of recovery from addiction in all its manifestations. The result of eleven years of in-depth research into the formative years of A.A , Writing the Big Book provides unprecedented access to the archives and reveals the inner workings of the early Fellowship, the conflicts, personalities, failures, and dispels myths of canonical texts.

Changing Course
Healing from Loss, Abandonment, and Fear
Claudia Black
Feb 2019 200pp
9781949481129 Paperback
"How do you go from living according to the rules - Don't Talk, Don't Trust, Don't Feel - to a life where you are free to talk and trust and feel?" Dr. Black asks. "You do this through a process that teaches you to go to the source of those rules, to question them, and to create new rules of your own," she explains. Using charts, exercises, checklists, and real-life stories of adult children of alcoholics, Dr. Black guides readers in healing from the fear, shame, and chaos of addiction.

400 Friends and No One to Call
Breaking through Isolation and Building Community
Val Walker
Mar 2020 240pp
9781949481242 Paperback
We can be well connected, with 400 friends on Facebook and still have no one to count on. Val Walker spells out the how-tos for befriending our wider community, building a social safety net, and fostering our sense of belonging. On a deeper level, we are invited to befriend our loneliness, rather than feel ashamed of it, and open our hearts and minds to others trapped in isolation.