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Chemical Publishing Company, established in 1934, is an established scientific and technical book publisher throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Chemical Publishing Company are dedicated to finding the highest quality literature in order to provide professionals with up-to-date and compelling content in the fast-paced industries of water treatment, water technology, cosmetics, fireworks, food technology, analytical and computational methods, engineering, formularies, green technology, industrial and chemical technology, and material science.


Harry’s Cosmeticology

Manufacturing: Process Techniques for the Cosmetic Industry
Edited by Bruve Victor
2016 9780820604046 Paperback 174pp
Harry’s Cosmeticology Focus Books
This Focus Book contains selected chapters from Harry's Cosmeticology, Ninth Edition: Manufacturing: Process Techniques for the Cosmetic Industry. It is an invaluable reference guide for anyone interested in this particular subject area.

Industrial Water Analysis Handbook
N. Manivasakam
2011 9780820600406 Hardback 454pp
Provides a detailed introduction on analysis of water along with parameters to be determined for each industrial use and elaborate testing procedures for all the parameters necessary for industrial uses. This also deals with the identification and determination of the density of microbial organisms that are likely to interfere in industrial processes.

Industrial Water Quality Requirements
N. Manivasakam
2011 9780820600048 Hardback 264pp
Provides comprehensive information on the quality requirements of water for each industrial use in a single volume. Almost all the major wet processing industries and quality requirements of water for such industrial processes are described in this book in detail.