Eurospan Cooks

This charming recipe book from The University of North Carolina Press provides fifty-seven delicious, seasonal pie recipes that draw on author Sara Foster’s extensive skills as a professional chef.

More than this, though, it gives an insight into the warmth and heart of a southern kitchen, and presents the process of pie-making as an almost instinctual, family-orientated tradition – one that results in a seemingly unavoidable ‘passion for pies’.

From the traditional – Chocolate Meringue, Old-Fashioned Pecan, Straight-Up Rhubarb – to the adventurous – Peanut and Pepsi, Carolina Crab, Chorizo Apple – Sara has a recipe for every occasion and every taste. A significant slice is dedicated to savoury pies, which draws on Sara’s experience as a chef and highlights the importance of seasonality, texture, and seasoning to taste rather than following the recipe precisely. In fact, when it comes to savoury pies, she encourages her reader to use the recipe only as a guideline and to make the ingredients and flavours their own.

For a decidedly amateur baker, this freedom appealed more than the precision I thought I might need to whip up some Swiss meringue or frangipane, so I decided to have a go instead at the Caramelised Onion and Whipped Feta Pie. Sara's instructions were clear and reassuring, and while I’m still not quite ready to be throwing pies together at the drop of a hat, it certainly seems more attainable than when this book first landed on my desk.


Sara’s ultimate advice is:
‘Make lots of pies. That’s how you learn.’
When the results are this delicious, I’m more than happy to keep practising…

Pie: A Savor the South Cookbook is available on the bookstore now: