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Eurospan Cooks: Pulses

4 Dec 2018 11:30:00


The nights are drawing in and it's cold outside... What better way to prepare for winter than with this lovely, illustrated collection of recipes from around the world? From Cuba to Pakistan, there's something in Pulses to warm all palates and suitable for multiple dietary requirements.

Pulses from the Food and Agriculture Orgnization of the United Nations (FAO) is a handy and straighforward collection of more than 30 recipes for pulses from around the world. And if you think this simply means baked beans or daal, then you have a pleasant suprise coming, as the books walks us through traditions and flavours from every continent. Pulses are a great tasty way to get your protein, without sacrificing either your wallet or your waistline, and the lovely illustrations throughout the book plus commentary from the contributing chefs make for a fascinating read as you cook.

Feeling in need of some Latin warmth, we tried the classic Cuban-style Picadillo sauce. Combining black beans, onions, garlic, chili, capers, raisins, olives, tomatoes and lots of cumin, this is a crowd-pleaser that goes perfectly with rice, as an acompaniment to a main meat dish, or just by itself. 


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Eurospan Drinks: The Mojito

3 Sep 2018 11:32:00

As the weather has taken a cooler turn this week, we’ve been looking for ways to warm up a Summer favourite, and turned to The Mojito from the University Press of Florida for a little inspiration...

Author Heather McPherson celebrates the mojito in all its glory, offering flavour-packed variations to the Caribbean classic that has become a staple in bars and restaurants across the globe. From Spicy Mango to Basil Lychee, Heather never neglects the key elements that make the mojito so special: quality rum, fresh mint, plenty of sugar, and a kick of lime. The simplicity of the mojito is perfectly paired with Heather’s uncomplicated instructions that will make any budding bartender feel like a mojito maestro in no time.

When it came to choosing a recipe to try out, Hot Mojito Tea had a certain appeal that was impossible to ignore. You’ll be less likely to find this one behind the bar when you’re out and about, but the minty mix of rum, sugar, and English Breakfast tea makes for the perfect at-home cocktail to see you through the cooler months. In short, the perfect way to enjoy the mojito all year long!
Though we still have lots of experimenting to do, especially with the mojito mains and desserts also featured in the book, like Heather, we found ourselves saying, ‘Cheers to the mojito’!

The Mojito, from the University Press of Florida, is available to order on the bookstore.

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This week marks the celebration of Caribbean Food Week in the UK – so what better way to observe it than by trying a recipe from one of the all-time bestselling Jamaican cookbooks?

The Real Taste of Jamaica by Enid Donaldson (Ian Randle Publishers) regularly heads up top ten lists, and has firmly asserted itself as the go-to culinary bible for family favourites and cultural staples. Covering everything from starters to sweet treats, The Real Taste of Jamaica is filled with easy to follow, personal recipes that even the most amateur cook can successfully whip up, and accompanied by beautiful colour photographs.

General consensus decided that an office-appropriate recipe would be found in the ‘Brick Oven’ chapter of the book, where the pages are filled with cakes and bakes both classic and contemporary. The banana cake with accompanying banana cream was the winner – and simple enough for this novice baker to attempt!

In seven short steps, Enid talks you through creating a banana cake that’s as fun to make as it is to eat. And judging by the empty plate on the kitchen table, we’ll be making it again soon!

The Real Taste of Jamaica, from Ian Randle Publishers, is available to order on the bookstore.

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October is Black History Month, when we celebrate and acknowledge black culture, art and history throughout the world. The theme of this year’s Black History Month focuses on tackling conscious and unconscious bias, showing the damaging effects bias can have on communities. Below are a collection of titles exploring different aspects of black history, from influence on contemporary dance to insights into civil rights literature.

Mandela African American History Civil Rights Mission

The Mission
A Life for Freedom in South Africa
Denis Goldberg
2010 428pp, full colour & black & white illustrations
9781920222437 Paperback
A memoir of Denis Goldberg, anti-apartheid activist, and comrade of Nelson Mandela, who spent 22 years in prison. Goldberg writes about the often painful road to freedom, about the joy of love and death, human dignity, political passion, comradeship, and conflict between comrades to give readers an insight into this important chapter in South African history.
Real African Publishers

Mandela's Dancers
Oral Histories of Program Participants and Organizers
Rodreguez King-Dorset
Jul 2016 212pp, 45 photos
9780786499861 Paperback
Explores an overlooked chapter in the history of post-liberation South Africa: the dance scholarship programme at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, which provided 22 South African dance students the opportunity to study in London from 1994 to 2005. Drawing on archival photographs and personal recollections, the author highlights the experiences of six of those dancers and Mandela's significance for contemporary dance.

African American History
Salem Press
Dec 2016 900pp, 3 volumes, 100 tables and photos
9781682171523 Hardback
Great Events from History
This new set chronicles the rich history of African Americans, with articles on the major social, political, economic, and cultural events and developments of nearly four centuries.
Salem Press

Civil Rights Literature
Edited by Christopher A. Varlack
Jan 2017 300pp
9781682172681 Hardback
Critical Insights
American civil rights literature has largely been associated with speeches, letters, and non-fiction works produced by African-American activists of the 1950s and ‘60s. This volume not only examines key works of the African-American civil rights debate past and present, it also explores issues of gender equality and sexual orientation integral to civil rights studies.
Salem Press

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