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Eurospan is delighted to announce that Business Expert Press joined us on 1st January 2021 for distribution in the UK, continental Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America & the Caribbean.

Business Expert Press publishes concise, precise, business information written by experts in their fields for students and professionals on a broad range of business topics that are researched-based and with an applied focus. Often the topics are narrow in scope but deep in the treatment of the subjects with which they deal.


Build Better Brains
A Leader’s Guide to the World of Neuroscience
Martina Muttke
Oct 2020 180pp
9781952538568 Paperback
This is neither a leadership book nor a book on neuroscience. Rather, it merges the best of the two worlds to serve a new type of leader emerging with contemporary organisations. Build Better Brains offers practical, science-based applications for improving the efficiency of leadership in today’s fast-paced VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

Navigating the New Normal
How New & Small Companies Can Succeed Despite Economic Uncertainty

Rodd Mann
Mar 2021 150pp
9781637420201 Paperback
The year 2020 will prove to be a pivotal, watershed year of monumental changes to the world of financial management and investing. This book examines the necessary precursors and ‘must have’ elements for success in this new economy – to give businesses the best possible chance of optimising critical risk variables in this brave new world.

Founders, Freelancers & Rebels
How to Thrive as an Independent Creative

Helen Jane Campbell
Mar 2021 180pp
9781953349767 Paperback
This book’s for you if you’ve stopped feeling ‘hungry’ for new client work, you’re starting up for the first (or second or third!) time, or you’ve simply run out of steam. The author's intention is to offer a wealth of ideas and fresh perspectives to inspire you at any stage of your independent creative career.

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New Publisher: Trans Pacific Press

17 Nov 2020 11:55:33

Eurospan is delighted to announce that Trans Pacific Press joined us on 1st October 2020 for distribution in the UK, continental Europe, the Middle East & North Africa, and Oceania.

Trans Pacific Press is the only academic publishing house that translates scholarly books originally published in Japanese into English and produces them for worldwide circulation. In social sciences and humanities, almost all local publishers in Japan solely publish works written in Japanese, while major international publishers tend to only consider manuscripts written and submitted in English, a situation which has long concealed Japanese scholarship from global debate. To address this dilemma, TPP has built a bridge between Japanese scholars and the outside world.


Amorphous Dissent
Post-Fukushima Social Movements in Japan
Edited by Takashi Horie, Hikaru Tanaka & Kiyoto Tanno
Jan 2021 228pp
9781920901851 Paperback
Since the Fukushima nuclear accident, Japan has seen a significant revival in its social activism, with large-scale social movements appearing. This book characterizes these movements as ‘amorphous’ based on the phenomenon in which movements are formed by diverse and disparate people and display disparate, disorganized and undefined elements.

An Anthropology of Things
Ikuya Tokoro & Kaori Kawai
Feb 2021 420pp
9781920901738 Paperback
Highlights the important roles that things play in our everyday lives by examining how things and humans interact. Based on ethnographical data from Asia, Africa, and Oceania, the included essays challenge the instrumentalist idea that humans alone are subjects with agency (freedom to act) while things are merely objects at their disposal.

Japan’s Ultra-Right
Naoto Higuchi
Feb 2021 310pp
9781920901684 Paperback
Offers a comprehensive account of the nativist movement in Japan today. Naoto Higuchi uses the life histories of activists to establish that the basis of their support for the movement is their conservativism rather than social or economic stress.

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Eurospan is delighted to announce that Michigan State University Press joined us on 1st October 2020, for distribution worldwide, excluding North America.

Since its founding in 1947, the mission of Michigan State University Press has been to be a catalyst for positive intellectual, social, and technological change through the publication of research and intellectual inquiry. The Press has made significant contributions to scholarship in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences, with an emphasis on African studies, Native American studies, environmental science and natural history, immigration studies, politics and the global economy, US history, urban studies, and women’s studies.


Flaubert, Proust, Fitzgerald, Miller, Lana Del Rey
Per Bjørnar Grande
July 2020 272pp
9781611863215 Paperback
Breakthroughs in Mimetic Theory 
Drawing on both modern masterpieces and iconic works of contemporary pop culture, Per Bjørnar Grande sketches a Girardian phenomenology of desire, one that sheds new light on the frustrating and repetitive nature of human relations in a world of vanishing taboos.

The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports
African Literature of Travel in the Twenty-First Century
Edited by Isabel Balseiro & Zachariah Rapola
October 2020 218pp
9781611863734 Paperback
These seventeen pieces on travel in Africa by leading African authors take readers to places at once homelike and foreign. Against the tropes of travel writing, this book offers the acuity of vision of particular types of travellers. These are travellers whose mother tongue may find the hint of familiarity across otherwise unintelligible languages and for whom a foreign land isn’t necessarily strange; in it they perceive vestiges of the familiar.

Re-Membering and Surviving
African American Fiction of the Vietnam War
Shirley A. James Hanshaw
November 2020 324pp
9781611863710 Paperback
The first book-length critical study of the black experience in the Vietnam War and its aftermath, this text interrogates the meaning of heroism based on models from African and African American expressive culture. It focuses on four novels: Captain Blackman by John A. Williams, Tragic Magic (by Wesley Brown, Coming Home by George Davis, and De Mojo Blues  by A. R. Flowers.

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We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 September 2020, titles published by NCTE: National Council of Teachers of English will be available through Eurospan worldwide, excluding North America, Latin America, and North Korea.

NCTE: National Council of Teachers of English supports teachers of English and their students in classrooms, on college campuses, and in online learning environments. Through its publications and other resources, NCTE promotes the development of literacy, the use of language to construct personal and public worlds and to achieve full participation in society, through the learning and teaching of English and the related arts and sciences of language.


Writing Can Change Everything
Middle Level Kids Writing Themselves into the World
Edited by Shelbie Witte
April 2020 118pp
9780814174876 Paperback
Identifying writing as central to what makes us human, editor and teacher educator Shelbie Witte has gathered a diverse group of middle school teacher-writers who open the doors of their classrooms to share their approaches to mentoring, modeling, and facilitating middle level writers as they explore their places within our world.

Making Middle School
Cultivating Critical Literacy and Interdisciplinary Learning in Maker Spaces
Steve Fulton & Cynthia D. Urbanski
April 2020 125pp
9780814130667 Paperback
Presents the story of English teacher Steve Fulton and science teacher Tiffany Green's explorations of the intersections between critical literacy and science through maker spaces alongside their students. Steve and Tiffany use the idea of make to centre student learning in their classrooms as well as to democratise learning.

Teaching Writing Online
How and Why
Scott Warnock
2009 235pp
9780814152539 Paperback
How can you migrate your tried and true face-to-face teaching practices into an online environment? This is the core question that Scott Warnock seeks to answer in this book. Warnock explores how to teach an online (or hybrid) writing course by emphasizing the importance of using and managing students' written communications.


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