To coincide with the release of mathematician and award-winning children's book author Richard Evan Schwartz’s latest book Life on the Infinite Farm, we’ve been looking at books which encourage children to dip their toes into the wonderful world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Schwartz’s fifth book for children, Life on the Infinite Farm teaches about infinity and curved space through stories of whimsical farm animals. Join Gracie, the shoe-loving cow with infinitely many feet, Hammerwood, the gum-loving crocodile with an endless mouth, and their friends as they navigate the challenges that come with being infinitely large. 

Did you ever wonder why some insects can walk on water? Or how the Ancient Egyptians made mummies? Are you curious about why a guitar sounds different from a flute? Gather some everyday materials from around your home and find out the answers with 50 kid-approved science activities from CSIRO Publishing. Discover more about the world of science with Hands-On Science by making dancing slime, rubbery bones, a ping pong ball shooter, ghastly ghostly photos, fizzy dinosaur eggs and a lemon battery.

Zobi and the Zoox tells the tale of Zobi, a brave rhizobia bacterium who teams up with a family of slow but steady zoox (zooxanthellae) when her home comes under threat from a warming ocean and as the coral bleaches, everyone begins to starve. 

Zobi and the Zoox joins CSIRO’s growing collection of books for primary school-aged children which includes Phasmid, The Great Lizard Trek, Bouncing Back and The Squid, the Vibrio and the Moon which is publishing early in 2019.