Now available for purchase through Eurospan in Central Asia, South Asia, and across Oceania is the ASAA Southeast Publications Series, available through NUS Press. With a list of over 20 titles written by leading specialists in their respective fields, the series publishes high-quality, original scholarly work that explores a wide range of disciplines.

Below are some of the key titles now available:

Haunted Houses and Ghostly Encounters
Ethnography and Animism in East Timor, 1860-1975
Christopher J. Shepherd
Apr 2019 352pp
Presents a history of Western ethnography of animism in East Timor during the Portuguese period. Covering a selection of seminal 19th- and 20th-century ethnographies, the author explores the relationship between spiritual beliefs, colonial administration, ethnographic interests and fieldwork experience.

Resilience and the Localisation of Trauma in Aceh, Indonesia
Catherine Smith
2017 232pp, 2 maps
Examines the global reach of the contested, yet compelling, concept of trauma. Catherine Smith explores how what is considered ‘trauma’ has expanded well beyond the bounds of therapeutic practice to become a powerful cultural idiom shaping the ways people understand the effects of violence and imagine possible responses to suffering.

Soul Catcher
Java's Fiery Prince Mangkunagara I, 1726-1795
M.C. Ricklefs
2018 432pp
Employs an extraordinary range of sources in Dutch and Javanese to bring the life of a key figure in Javanese history to life, illuminating our understanding of Java's devastating civil war of the mid-18th century.

Unmarked Graves
Death and Survival in the Anti-Communist Violence in East Java, Indonesia
Vanessa Hearman
2018 288pp
The wave of anti-communist violence that swept across Indonesia in 1965-66 produced a particularly high death toll in East Java. It also transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of survivors, who faced decades of persecution, imprisonment and violence. In this book, Vannessa Hearman examines the human cost and the community impact of the violence on people from different sides of the political divide.

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