For Children’s Mental Health Week 2019 (4-10 February), organisers Place2Be are encouraging children, young people and adults to take steps to be Healthy: Inside and Out.

“When we think about healthy living, we tend to focus on looking after our bodies – our physical wellbeing – through food, being active and getting enough sleep. However, in order to be healthy overall, it’s important that we look after our minds – our mental wellbeing – too”.

We believe it is so important to support conversations with children about mental health and to help them understand and deal with their emotions. One of the ways adults can do this is through reading so this year we’re highlighting three forthcoming books from Magination Press.

Created in 1987 and acquired as an imprint of the American Psychological Association in 1997 their ethos as a publisher is to produce innovative books to help children deal with the many challenges and problems they face as they grow up. The subject matter of their books range in topics from coping with anxiety to standing up to bullying and all include a ‘note to parents and caregivers’, written by mental health professionals. 


You Are Your Strong
Danielle Dufayet
Illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin
Mar 2019 32pp
9781433829390 Hardback
Soothing and empowering, You Are Your Strong reassures kids that they can handle big emotions and highlights the benefit of developing inner strength and confidence. With diverse characters and scenes featuring a range of different family relationships, this book shows kids that they will have help along the way to being strong and in control.

My Whirling Twirling Motor
Merriam Sarcia Saunders
Illustrated by Tammie Lyon
Mar 2019 32pp
9781433829369 Hardback
Charlie feels like he has a whirling, twirling motor running inside him all the time and sometimes he just can't settle. When his mum wants to talk to him, he figures he's in trouble - but she has a surprise for him instead! Includes a note with more information on ADHD, behaviour management, and helping children focus on the positives.

A Feel Better Book for Little Tears
Holly Brochman & Leah Bowen
Illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez
Jun 2019 32pp
9781433830310 Hardback
This rhyming book will help kids identify what it feels like to be sad and what they can do to respond to it. The book lets kids know that it's perfectly normal to feel sad - but offers a gentle reminder that the feelings won't last for forever.