We are delighted to announce that Eurospan is now the exclusive distributor of Berkshire Publishing Group titles in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

Founded in 1998 by editor and environmental writer Karen Christensen (pictured below), Berkshire is a leader in academic reference titles and in resources for international education, with staff, editors, and authors living and travelling around the world. Their publications offer a global perspective in a wide range of disciplines: world history, international relations, sports, community, religion and society, popular culture and environmental issues. Rather than just providing the who, what, when, and where on a subject; Berkshire encourage all of their authors to offer readers a broader global context and substantive assessments. In short: the how and why.
The driving force behind Berkshire’s innovative publishing programme is CEO and founder Karen Christensen. She considers networking to be her most important skill, along with insatiable curiosity. Karen loves working with authors around the world – as many as 700 authors from 65 countries on a single project. She wrote a bestselling environmental book as a young mother in London (Home Ecology, 1989), and has made sustainability a focus of Berkshire’s publishing programme and of its volunteer activities. Berkshire‘s social and environmental mission can be seen in publications on sustainability, community, and international relations.

With an office in Beijing and and a strong focus on Chinese history and culture, Berkshire also publish leading academic resources on China – past and present. Karen has had a connection with China since her first book was translated into Chinese in 1997 and she often travels to China for business and pleasure. Hence we are particularly excited to announce this new partnership on Lunar New Year!

Just Published!

Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography
4-Volume Set
Edited by Kerry Brown et al
Nov 2015 Hardback 9781614729754 1840pp
Chinese history can be overwhelming, and no one claims to understand in detail more than specific periods of this great sweep of political, social, and economic development. But the world’s leading China scholars can, together, tell us the whole story. The Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography makes the country’s immense history manageable by taking the reader through it in the life stories of key figures who have shaped, influenced, and transformed China.

“Take a publisher with a decade of experience in China, add a group of well-known Chinese and Western scholars, pay special attention to details, add 1100 unique photographs, sprinkle in dozens of traditional Chinese proverbs, do it all on recycled, chlorine-free paper, and the end result is this sumptuous resource on all things China for the 21st century.” 
- Library Journal Best Reference