We are very excited to say that today, 1st March, Barcelona Publishers joins our Science, Technology & Medicine division here at Eurospan.

Barcelona Publishers is dedicated to the field of music therapy. Its purpose is to advance music therapy practice, theory, research, and education through the creation of innovative and historically significant books and materials. With prominent authors from around the world, its books, CDs, and DVDs have created new horizons for the profession and set new standards for the literature.

music therapy
Key titles include:

A Matrix for Community Music Therapy Practice
Stuart Wood
Mar 2016 | Paperback | 9781937440817 | 208pp
This book provides an approach to community music therapy practice by addressing aspects of music therapy formats, aims, context, evaluation, and theory using a "matrix" model. Through case studies, original research and theory vignettes, the text offers an accessible way of integrating music therapy services and professional processes. Practical examples are drawn from neurological rehabilitation in medical and community settings, and from long-term nursing care, to illustrate how music therapy can adapt to meet the needs of participants and their situating context.

Clinical Training Guide for the Student Music Therapist
Barbara L. Wheeler, Carol L. Shultis & Donna Polen
2005 | Spiral bound | 9781891278273 | 214pp
Approaching fieldwork, practica, and internships can be both exciting and frightening for music therapy students in training. This guide book addresses those uncertainties and invites students into a sequential learning process, providing three levels of involvement for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Modes of clinical work are explored as chapters delve into the use of performing and re-creating, improvising, listening, and composing as music therapy techniques. Full of clinical examples and literature reviews, this book explores the uses of music therapy with a wide spectrum of clientele in both individual and group work.

Music Therapy
A Fieldwork Primer

Ronald Borczon
2004 | Paperback | 9781891278211 | 149pp
Writing from 25 years of experience as a music therapy clinician and educator, the author has provided the field with an invaluable “hands-on” introduction to field work and practicum training. After defining the essential attributes of a music therapist, he discusses the various issues that students face in their developing years. This book is a must-have for all fieldwork students and interns in music therapy, as well as their academic and clinical supervisors. It is also a valuable resource for practitioners, and especially those who are in training to become supervisors.