Today is World Water Day, about taking action to tackle our growing water crisis.

It focuses our attention on the importance of water, and using it sustainably. The theme this year is ‘why waste water?’. Globally, over 80% of the water that we use flows back into nature without being retreated or reused, and then causes damage to the environment, and can cause harm to those who are exposed to it.

Without action, this will only increase: by 2050, close to 70% of the world’s populations will live in cities, compared to only 50% today – currently, most developing cities do not have the resources to reuse the vast amount of water they waste. By then, the demand for water is predicted to grow by 50%. By using the wastewater from our homes, cities, and industries, we can benefit human health, economic development and environmental sustainability.

In line with this year’s theme of ‘wastewater’, these resources will enable professionals in the industry, scientists, academics, and students, to understand the importance of wastewater management and reuse, and to develop strategies to achieve safe water and sanitation, and sustainable cities and communities.

Basic Science Concepts and Applications for Wastewater
Patrick L. Antonelli & Bill Craigo

2003 277pp
9781583212905 Hardback
Offers science principles and operational calculations for the wastewater treatment field.
American Water Works Association

Benchmarking Performance Indicators for Water and Wastewater: 2016 Edition
American Water Works Association

Apr 2017 238pp
9781625761972 Paperback
Allows utility managers to use data and analyses to determine how their utility's performance compares to the water or wastewater industry. American Water Works Association
American Water Works Association

Solid and Liquid Waste Management
Waste to Wealth
Vasudevan Rajaram et al
2016 320pp
9788120352452 Paperback
Discusses various economical methods to manage waste, and important techniques for converting waste.
PHI Learning


Technologies for the Treatment and Recovery of Nutrients from Industrial Wastewater
Edited by Ángeles Val del Río, José Luís Campos Gómez & Anuska Mosquera Corral

2016 315pp
9781522510376 Hardback
Advances in Environmental Engineering and Green Technologies
Highlights novel technological tools in wastewater treatment, effective nutrient removal technologies, and innovative solutions to quality water preservation practices.
IGI Global

Green Technologies for Sustainable Water Management
Edited by Huu Hao Ngo et al

2016 894pp
9780784414422 Paperback
Following an overview of water as a valuable resource, this book provides in-depth information on current various green technologies associated with sustainable water and wastewater management.
American Society of Civil Engineers