Happy World Maritime Day! Being a day where we acknowledge and celebrate all things nautical - whether that be ships, sailors or the sea - we thought it appropriate to showcase a selection of forthcoming and bestselling books on all things maritime, published by Naval Institute Press.

The theme for this year’s Maritime Day focuses on the relationship between shipping and globalisation, with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) claiming that the international shipping industry carries about 90% of all global trade. The books we feature here not only focus on the current global influence of shipping and the navy, but also look at past maritime moments that have shaped history, politics and culture.

Kissing Sailor Tale of Two Navies China's Quest

The Kissing Sailor
The Mystery Behind the Photo that Ended World War II

Lawrence Verria & George Galdorisi
2012 224pp, 20 photos
9781612510781 Hardback
On August 14, 1945, Alfred Eisenstaedt took a picture of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, minutes after they had learned of Japan's surrender to the United States. Until recently, no one knew the whole truth behind one of the world's most celebrated pictures. This month saw the passing of Greta Zimmer Friedman, the nurse in the iconic photo, however the identity of the male sailor had never been officially proven... The Kissing Sailor tells the story of a photograph, a place, a publication, pretenders, and proof. When overlaid, an ageless tale of survival, fate, and perseverance comes into clear focus.

A Tale of Two Navies
Geopolitics, Technology, and Strategy in the United States Navy and the Royal Navy, 1960-2015
Anthony Wells
Jan 2017 288pp
9781682471203 Hardback
Presents an analysis of the unique relationship between the United States Navy and the Royal Navy from 1960 to present. This loosely chronological study examines the histories, strategies, operations, technology, and intelligence activities of both navies. A Tale of Two Navies probes selective key themes and offers a discourse between the author and readers.

China's Quest for Great Power
Ships, Oil, and Foreign Policy
Bernard D. Cole
Nov 2016 320pp
9781612518381 Hardback
Examines China's national security strategy by looking at foreign policy, energy security, and naval power – all major influences on China's future and its relations with the United States. This relationship is based on both common and divergent interests in economics, military operations, and political goals and methods.

Naval Operations Analysis
Third Edition

Edited by Daniel R. Wagner, W. Charles Mylander & Thomas J. Sanders
2002 421pp
9781591149507 Paperback
Focusing on search and detection theory as it was developed in World War II and evolved after the War, this textbook covers analytical decision-making, simulation techniques, and models used in determining the probability of detection. This third edition collects in one place the basic analytical developments in naval search theory over the last fifty years, while retaining the material on the models of search theory developed in the campaigns against the submarine threat in World War II.

Victory Without Peace
The United States Navy in European Waters, 1919-1924
William N. Still Jr.
Nov 2016 368pp, 25 photos
9781682470145 Hardback
Concentrates on the US Navy in European and Near Eastern waters during the post-World War I era. As participants in the Versailles peace negotiations, the US Navy was charged with executing the naval terms of the Armistice as well as preserving stability and peace. US warships were deploying into the Near East, Baltic, Adriatic, and Northern Europe, while simultaneously withdrawing demobilised forces from European waters.

The Professional Naval Officer
A Course to Steer By
James A. Winnefeld Snr.
2006 241pp
9781591149644 Hardback
Gives naval officers the information they need to build a successful career. It covers the entire career spectrum, complementing and supplementing Winnefeld’s previous work, as it addresses such topics as the importance and challenges of joint tours, relations with chiefs and other enlisted sailors, and the timeless character qualities needed for success.

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